OMG What a Slacker I Am

Well I have been such a slacker and not posted any blogs in several months, but now I am going to get back to it.  I joined a website for weight loss support and kind of forgot about blogging here.  Well after a self verbal whipping I have decided for my own sanity to start posting again and get some of my stories (true ones believe it or not) back out there for people to read.

 How about if I give a quick update on my world.  Tooters recently turned 6 (omg where did the time go) and will graduate kindergarten at the end of the school year.  She loves school and wow did she educated beyond just the books.  But I will come back to that later.  Work is work just as busy and crazy as ever.  I think the boss has lost it and a new girl started in the office.  I really feel for my boss sometimes because it is him against the 3 of us now.  He does not stand a chance!!!!!

The ex aka the Sperm Donor or just the Donor for short has now decided that he needs to call every few months and still has not seen Tooters.  This is just fine in my world and now Tooters begs me after every call from him to please not make her go see him. 

 Paddy the wonder pup is just as crazy and funny as ever and boy did she pick up some habits over the winter.  I don’t understand this because she visits with my parents dogs that are very well behaved and meets the neighbor dog at the fence line (I think there is something going on there lol) so I don’t know where she got the new habits.  More on that later too.

 So hopefully now I will start posting more often and would like to create some kind of a following.  If I can brighten someones day with my mishaps in my life or make another single parent say, “Hey I am not the only one with that problem!” then I have done my job.


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