The Clean Cheater

When I had Tooters in my mind I thought because I was having her young (early 20’s) that I would be able to stay one step ahead of her on most things.  I was a bit of a sneaky wild child and I remember most of the tricks that I would try to pull on my parents to get out of doing things.  Well folks I am here to tell you that no matter what you think, the kids will always get you one way or another.  Hopefully after you read what I am about to write you will see the genius that is my daughter.  

 In my house we live by a chore chart on the fridge.  For some reason the appeal of earning the check marks on that piece of poster board every night excites Tooters like she just ran a marathon, I just don’t get it.  But hey whatever works!  One of the things that I seem to always be telling her is to clean her room.  Is it a universal thing with all kids that they just cannot seem to hit the hamper with their clothes?  Maybe there is a natural kid repellant on it?  Anyways for some reason her clothes seem to hit the floor right in front of the hamper every time.  So over the weekend I told Tooters that if she wanted any friends over this week that that room had better be clean by the time she went to bed on Sunday night.  This gave her a whole day to clean the room.  Don’t get me wrong it was not to terribly bad but I still like to have a clean house and wanted it cleaned up.  Tooters agreed to this pretty quickly. 

First off this should have clued me in that something was up in that little mind of hers because when it comes to cleaning she never just gives in the first time I ask her.   It is always, “I’m tired.  I will do it later.  I need help. I am hungry.  I forgot.  But how come your not cleaning too.”  

You know the usual excuses from a 6 year old.  Well I was not feeling good and had a migraine coming on so thought well I will lie down on the couch for a little bit while Tooters was coloring at her little table in the living room.  Needless to say I fell asleep.   Now when this happens it is not for very long maybe 10 or 15 minutes and I am right back up checking on whatever disaster is being created by the Wonder Pup and Tooters.  However this time after a quick 30 minutes I did not wake up on my own.  It was the earsplitting music stylings of “Fergie” being blasted from her room that jolted me awake.  I personally love her CD and we often listen to it in the morning getting ready for work but it is always in my big stereo.  Tooters decided that it needed to be played in her room full blast, but when you have a migraine that is threatening to split your head in two pieces and ooze across the floor this is the last thing that you want to hear coming from the other end of the house.  I swear my house sounded like a dance club on a Friday night it was so loud.   

Once I got my eyes focused I rushed to her room to turn it down so that I could avoid an explosion above my shoulders.  I entered the black hole that she calls her room and there she is in her green tutu and tiara dancing with the Wonder Pup right on top of the clothes she was suppose to be picking up.  Once again I reminded her, after the music was back at human level, that her room still needs to be cleaned up.  What came out of her mouth next was child logic at its best.  

“But mom I decided to surprise you instead and cleaned your room for you.  Go check!” 

 I just stood there not really knowing what to say.  I did not want to hurt her feelings but I really, really, really wanted her room clean so I did not have to do it later.  At that point I was kind of stunned that she would clean any room willingly so I went to check it myself.  Now here is the thing, my hamper does not have a repellant on it so my clothes land where they are suppose to with the exception of my socks that I somehow manage to take off in my sleep every night.  Also for some reason at any given time I usually have a couple of different types of shoes on my floor for quick access.  I have sandals, running shoes, and slippers. 

So Tooters had gone in and picked up my socks, put away my shoes, and made my bed for me.  It was one of those mornings I did not want to bother with it.   So after realizing that she really had cleaned my room I looked at her and asked, “Honey what about your room, that is the one that needs cleaned up?” 

And here is the logic part:  

“Well you wanted A bedroom cleaned so I decided it was easier to clean your room for you than it was to clean mine.  Besides you did not say which bedroom I had to clean. Wasn’t that SOOOO sweet of me to do that for you!”   

You know as a child I never thought to clean the bedroom that was cleaner than my own and claim that as least I did something.  

 Anyone out there want to voice an opinion of what you say to that?  I have come to the conclusion that no matter how young you have your kids or if you think you know all of their tricks, believe me they will always come up with something new to trip you up with.


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