Dead Beat Donor

Ok folks I know that it has been a while since I have posted anything but I have been so busy with my 5,000 jobs I just have not had time to blog.  Let me explain. 

As you all know or have guessed by now I am an only parent.  I am not a single parent, but an only parent.  In order to be a single parent you have to have an active second parent, but since I do not I am an only parent.  Well my ex-husband, aka the Donor, has decided that I either do not need child support or he does not want to pay it anymore.  After going a few weeks with out seeing a check from his employer that with holds all payments and mails them directly to me, I had a feeling in my gut that I needed to call and find out what was going on.   So I googled the name of his employer and found the phone number.  Now here is the kick in the teeth. 


Appearantly he walked up to his boss on the job site and told him that he quit and walked away.  In the mean time I am sitting here in the dark like an idiot watching the mailbox for a check.  So now I have no idea where he is and I am refusing to call him.  I want to see how long it takes him to man up and call me.  You know he could have at least warned me that the money was going to stop.  Who knows maybe he has a good excuse for quitting, but I doubt it.  Now I am trying to balance Tooters and several jobs.  It sucks!!! The several jobs not Tooters, that sounded kind of bad.

I just don’t get it!  How can you create this beautiful child and then want nothing to do with her.  I cannot imagine life with out Tooters.  I sat at her kindergarten graduate last week and bawled like a baby because it finally hit me that she is not a baby anymore.  Someday she will have her own life to live and I will be left with the Wonder Pup.  However at least I get to walk away from the whole experience knowing that I did not miss anything and I participated in her life as much as a could.  Unlike other people I know *cough cough**  JACKASS!!!!!!

You know the cool thing is that Tooters is ok with the whole situation.  I did not sit down and tell her that The Donor has dissappeared but I asked her how she felt about her dad since he is suppose to have her for 6 weeks in the summers and he has chosen to not visit for two years now.  That little wonderful, brilliant, cool girl that I am raising looked at me and said, “I am ok with it as long as I do not have to go and see him.  But I am a little angry at him for not calling in so long.  If he comes to visit for punishment he can sleep on the ground with the bugs. ”

Other than that comment she does not even ask about her dad and is happy letting The Wanderer be the male role model in her life.  So everyone please keep us in your thoughts, prayers or what ever it is that you do because it is going to be rough at my house for a while. 


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