I Are Smart!!!!

Ok I have just seen the funniest thing in a long time.  Not only did I laugh until I cried I realized what kind of education system there is in my tiny town. 


Here is what happened:  I was downtown driving on Main Street and normally I do not pay attention to the signs that the motels have posted.  I mean I live here I don’t care what special rate they have going for the weekends.  There is one in town that has a restaurant attached to it that advertises meal specials for the weekend.  Well there was something about this sign that made me take a second look.  So I turned around and OMG there it was the funniest sign I have seen in ages.  I even pulled over so I could get out and take a picture.  There it is in all its glory was the Pancake House boasting for everyone to come and try their special. 





Just as I am getting ready to take a picture for proof I hear some women behind me saying how awful that is someone should do something about that terrible sign.  So naturally the curious person that I am I turned around to throw out my own comment and there I stood face to face with a bunch of nuns in full habit.  Holy hell I thought I would die laughing right there on the side of Main Street.  They just shook their heads at me and kept walking. 


After I calmed down and wiped my eyes, I did do the right thing and went in to let the clerk know what they were advertising.  I only did this because I know quite a few of the people working there and one of them is a manager.  I would hate for her to get into trouble for something like that. 


So if you are ever in Podunk Utah please stop in for a juicy porn chop.


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