Is It Finally My Time??

Here is the deal, I left The Donor five years ago this coming January and so far I have not had the urge to date.  I have focused on trying to climb out of debt that he put me into, (anyone have extra money on hand for a poor single mom, now accepting donations) and most importantly my daughter.  So really it has not been a big deal.  Don’t get me wrong I still like to look at a cute guy but if it anything more than that I get nervous.  Why would I want to jump back into that fire?  My marriage was not the best and left a bad taste in my mouth and trust issues on the side.  I have been asked out a few times but I always find an excuse not to.  Really I should not do that, I don’t want to project my issues with men onto Tooters, but then again I have grown accustom to my lifestyle and it suites us right now. 


Now here is the glitch in the whole thing, I am starting to get a spark of interest in the idea of just casual dating.  I got very sick this winter and packed on the pounds and since February 1st I have managed to shed 54 pounds.  I think I look tons better, feel great, and I like the

attention I have been getting recently.  So here is my dilemma, I don’t know how to meet guys anymore.  I have been off the market for almost ten years.  Plus I live in a tiny town that I grew up in so I know almost everyone here and that makes it even harder to date. 


But there is a light at the end of the tunnel…..I hope.   My best friend that is like a sister to me has a pre-school here in town and she told me about a single dad that has started coming in a couple times a week just to volunteer and bring his daughter with him.  My friend did not have any more room in the program so this is his way of getting his daughter in at least a couple days a week.  OMG if I was to start dating I think this is the kind of guy I would be interested in.  So I kind of felt like I was back in school again the other day by giving my friend the mission to find out more for me and see what she could do to introduce us. 


This is an ideal guy to date.  He would be patient about kids things, accepting and understanding about breaking plans for little tummy aches or because there is no baby-sitter available.  Plus his daughter is 4 just 2 years younger than Tooters.  Wow I hope this works.  I was starting to wonder if I really was meant to just sit back and watch all the other happy couples in the world pass me by.  Either that or I really am destined to be the crazy old cat lady on the corner with no cats.  I am getting there, I am getting older and I live on the corner LOL.   Holy hell I think I am starting to heal finally.  WOOO HOOOO FOR ME!!!!


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