No Teens Allowed

Holy hell I have a teenager living in my house in the form of a 6 year old.  This just cannot be, please not yet.  I have always said that I do not want a teenager in the house and Tooters will be put up for auction on ebay at 12 and a half.  Of course when I mentioned this to my brother he said he would buy her and give her back.  Then I would really be stuck with her since it is rude to return to sender. 


She is not acting out or talking back like a bratty teen but it is some of the things that are coming out of her mouth lately.  Take a couple of weeks ago for example; Tooters came racing through the house like she had a fire under her butt.  She had the widest eyes, her hands on her heart and breathing heavy saying, “Mom you will never believe what I just saw on t.v.”


Now in my mind I am thinking a new toy came out that she just has to have or she will die.  Maybe the new Barbie movie was released, who knows.  So I asked her what was the huge deal was and wait for it, wait for it, here it comes…… The Jonas Brothers were going to be on the VMA’s on MTV.  Who the heck are these boys? I have never heard of them, but obviously Tooters has because I thought she was going to pass out from the lack of air.   Are six year olds really supposed to get this excited over some boy band?


Then there was today.  I pick Tooters up from school everyday and I just happen to have to run some errands for work.  This put us on Main Street headed for the post office.  Of course I am on a really big Pink kick right now and in love with her last CD, I cannot wait for the new one that is getting ready to come out.  Anyways I hear this voice from the backseat asking me to, “Blast it mom!  Blast it mom!  Can we go get a pop?”


Does this not sound just a little like a teen or am I just freaking out?  Really there are more things that she has started doing and saying that frightens me because they are just so far beyond her little years.  Please do not take my baby yet let me have her for a while longer?  So from me to you Jonas Brothers, damn you and your boyish looks and little screaming fans!!!!!!!!!



One Response to “No Teens Allowed”

  1. I have a 6yo son who sometimes sounds like that too, but I know it’s just the influence of kids at school… and the teens in my house too. Just don’t permit her to go overboard… she is still only 6. Her brief interests in older kid stuff will blow over, probably rather quickly, if you don’t make a big deal about them or indulge them. 🙂 And about selling them at 12 1/2… I replied to your comment on my blog! I wonder how much you could get for a 12 1/2 year old who can do chores? lol

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