Meat or No Meat, That Is The Question Of The Day!

Before I get into my post I just want to say that I have nothing against vegetarians or choices that people make. 


OK with that said I have to pass on the newest development in our house.  This kind of goes along with my post from the other day, No Teens Allowed.  Yesterday morning Tooters and I were up getting ready for work/school when out of nowhere she decided to inform me that she is now vegetarian.  I stood in the bathroom looking at my beautiful daughter with my toothbrush hanging out of my mouth trying to wrap my head around what she just told me.  I mean she gave me no warning she just announced it and then kept getting ready for school like she had said something normal like, hows the weather.  So I rinsed my mouth and asked her to repeat it again. 


“Mommy I am now vegetarian can you help me pack a lunch because the school serves meat?”


First of all I don’t know where this came from because we love a good steak in this household and we eat a lot of chicken, fish and elk.  Don’t get me wrong I went through a stage in my life that I was vegetarian for a couple of years and I still do not eat a lot of meat but when I do I sure enjoy it.  Plus this is coming from the little girl that ate 6 chicken legs the other night. 


Well I did not laugh at her and I want to be supportive of her if this is what she wants to do so I went to the kitchen and we packed a fruit and veggie lunch.  She left the house very happy and proud of this new decision.  I left scratching my head.  I mulled this over all day wondering if she is being influenced from the older kids.  But then I thought that could not be it she went to school with those same kids last year and it did not phase her.  Oh well I just want to be a supportive mommy and I will talk to her about this more in the evening. 


That night I decided to test her and see how serious she is about cutting out meat so I did an awful thing, I took her to McDonalds.  First thing out of her mouth was, “Yea I want chicken nuggets and milk!”


So I told her that she cannot have that since it is meat.  Instead I ordered her a large fry and a couple of little cheeseburgers for myself.  We got home and I could see her watching me out of the corner of her eye and licking her lips.  I reminder her that she has her French fries and I can cook her some more veggies if she is still hungry but my burger is meat.  She was strong and did not say anything. 


About an hour later Tooters got very quiet and I thought she was outside playing with the dogs so I went to the kitchen for a drink and there she was.  Tooters was standing in front of the sink half way through my other burger and was inhaling it like she had not eaten for days.  I asked her what she was doing and this is the reply I got.  “I have decided that I am only vegetarian during the day and I can eat meat only at night, so that makes me a different kind of vegetarian.”


I did not argue with her I just let her finish up and then asked her if I grill a steak for dinner the next night is she going to eat it.  Of course she got all excited.  So I am thinking this is just a phase and I will just wait it out.  But she did get up this morning and have me fix her a fruit and veggie lunch again.  Anyone want to make a bet on how long this will last? LOL 


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