Little Spanish Lessons

The other day I was sitting over at a friend’s house talking when I overhead Tooters teaching her friend some Spanish.    Let me tell you it was the cutest thing.  We do not speak fluent Spanish in my house but we do know quite a few words and phrases.  Well this made me think of Tooters when she was back in pre-school.  I was able to start Tooters off at a Baptist pre-school that also taught beginners Spanish.   

So here is what happened.  I was excited that she was learning Spanish and so was the Wanderer.  In fact he was so proud he would practice with her on the days he was watching her for me while I was working.  Unknown to me she also was getting some additional help from my dad’s friend.  This is a guy who thought I was very entertaining as a teenager, especially when I was mad.  Needless to say he spent most of the time trying to piss me off and then laughing at me, it was really more like a game for both of us.  The fact that he was helping the Wanderer with Tooters’ would have concerned me a little, that is if I knew what was going on.  When I did find out it was too late.

One afternoon when I went to pick up Tooters and take her to my dad for the rest of the day I discovered all of his hard work had paid off, kind of.  I was walking into the classroom and I noticed that the teacher was talking to another mom.  The little ones were huddled in the corner by the toys around Tooters.  While I was waiting my turn to talk to the teacher I noticed that Tooters had not run over to me like she does every day.  Instead she was still holding court in the corner.  Curiosity got the best of me and I slowly took enough steps towards the kids so that I could hear what was going on without interrupting.  OMG that is when I heard the words coming out of her mouth, I had to let her say it a couple of times before it dawned on me what she was saying.

“Caca Pantalones!!!”  Poopie pants in Spanish. 

All I could think of was how many angry phones was I looking at that night from other parents.  How bad did this look being at a Baptist pre-school and my daughter is teaching the other 4 year olds to say that.  I mean really it is not that bad but still not at the churches school.  Of course as soon as the teacher is free I go up to her to warn her of my daughter’s new term she was teaching the other kids and what it meant.  Then she hit me with it, “That is ok, I bet your dad has been watching her again.”

The teacher was actually a paramedic at night and on the weekends so she knows my dad pretty well since they both work for the same hospital and how he is especially around his friend.  Even with that in my mind all I could do is hang my head and take a couple of deep breaths before continuing.  Then I asked, “What do you mean by that?”

This is what I was hit with, “Well last week she taught all the other girls to belch the alphabet at snack time.”

All I could do was quickly apologize, scoop up my daughter and head for the Wanderers house.  What the hell did he do to my dainty daughter; girls aren’t supposed to belch the alphabet.  By the time I got to my dad’s house I had calmed down, I mean how can I be too mad at him it was kind of funny.  So when I got into the house I told the Wanderer we needed to have a talk.  I informed him of his influence on Tooters and what I had found out at the school.  Instead of saying he would not do it again him and my mother about fell out of their chairs laughing.  The Wanderer ran into the other room and called his friend to tell him.  They were so proud of themselves that I just turned and left for work figuring that it would do me no good to get mad at this point. 

Ever since that day any time any teacher that says she wants to talk to me for a minute the first thought that goes through my head is OMG what did she pick up from my dad now.  Looking back I guess it is kind of funny and will make a great story for my future grandkids lol.  However the Wanderer and I now have a very good understanding about teaching her more Spanish from now on.  But that still does not stop him from teaching her little things here and there.  I think this is payback for my childhood.




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