Icky Boys and Their Icky Noises

I am putting a question out there and hopefully I get some kind of an answer.  What the hell is up with you men and your noises???  Here I sit in my office and there are guys putting in a new duct system in the ceiling and OMG it sounds like either a porn studio has moved in or someone really needs a laxative!!!!


I am on day 2 of not smoking and thankfully I have not ripped anyone’s head off yet, but let me tell you I am getting closer.  I started off my day coming in an hour early so that I can let the workers into my office.  But wouldn’t you know it they were over an hour late! In my mind there goes head number one for the day. 


Then they come in and first thing they do is turn on the air conditioner so that they are comfortable working all day.  It is a whopping 46 degrees outside, turn the freaking a/c off!!!!  The whole time I am sitting at my desk wrapped up in Tooters pink princess fleece blanket.  I look like a pink Eskimo that ran away from Disneyland, not the look I was really going for today.   There goes head number two.


They finally get to work and the banging, the drills, and God only knows what other tools they are using to make all that noise is enough to make you go deaf.  Every time they move around in the ceiling I inhale a little more dust and fiberglass insulation, at this point smoking sounds safer to me.  There goes head number three.


To top it all off the two guys that are working, going up and down the ladder are making noises that I just should not be hearing unless I am married to it.  I do not even date so noises like this should stay at their home and not invade my peaceful office.  Let me enlighten you.  First there was the grunting.  I thought maybe one of them got stuck so I stood at the bottom of the ladder and called up to see if they were ok.  Of course the one grunting is just fine and just laughed at me.  Head number four.  Tomorrow I am bringing him a Dulcolax and leaving it on top of the ladder as a hint. 


About an hour later both are working on the same duct and all I hear is this ear piercing whistling, if he was whistling a tune only the dogs knew what it was.  Then the porn noises start.  “Ugh ugh ugh, oh yea right there now push it push it.  OMG right there stop don’t move, oh yea!”  Now if you were sitting in my seat listening to these kinds of things your mind would wander too.  Admit it, it sounds dirty huh?  I am so sick of hearing this I could scream and for that there goes heads five and six. 


To top it all off everyone in the office, except for me, has laptops and have chosen to work from home.  Then I find out that the two-day job has just turned into 2 weeks.  God help me through this without to much carnage.  How am I to stay sane and calm listening to this?  So this brings me back to my original question, must men make such nasty noises when they work?  Is it a macho thing, or does it really help tighten that screw just a little bit more?  Heck just for the fun of it there goes head number seven, it’s a lucky number, I just do not know for who right now.

6 Responses to “Icky Boys and Their Icky Noises”

  1. hahahahahha

    as a male, i can only understand some of the noises. the grunting. the grunting only comes with the territory. if you were a 250 lb ventilation worker putting up different vents and such that were heavy, of course you would grunt if you had to lift a heavy object as well as the vent. haha

    the ‘oh yeah put it there business’ i can’t verify though. i can’t condone that or say that it’s ok. that’s absurd. i’ve put up fans in my house, move furniture and fix a lot of things, but those noises and sayings are completely unnecessary.

    i hope this comment helps 😉

  2. I found out later that the one guy was guiding a stretch of duct work that was to fit into another piece. That is where the other comments came from. I think I am just sleep deprived and going nuts from the noise. Maybe I have insulation poisoning that is affecting my brain lol.

  3. Too Funny-buy a laptop :). Not a great time to stop smoking huh?

  4. Thank god for the patch. I am thinking that with my winter bonus that is what I am going to do buy a laptop. They have moved into my office today and I think I am going to work from home this afternoon on paperwork to save my sanity. I just got notified that this will be going on all next week too.

  5. Oh what fun! 😀 As far as men and noises are concerned… you don’t have a son, do you? Boys are NOISIER, period. Girls make girlie noises… they sing, hum, giggle, make dolls chatter, etc. Boys grunt, growl, brrrrr like a car or loud like a motorcycle, clear their throats, click, and make any other hundred or so noises you can even imagine, and that’s all between getting out of bed and leaving for school in the morning. No joke!! They make noise. And it doesn’t go away when they grow into men. Weird, I know, but true. Hang in there! Better yet, go the laptop route.

  6. I always thought my dad and brother were noise I guess I never paid that much attention before. You are right Tooters sings, talks and make random girly noises all day. Thank goodness the workers finally moved across the hallway now I can turn up the music a little bit and drown them out.

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