Lost One Crab And My Sanity

OMG what am I going to do??  I have a loose hermit crab in my house.  This thing must be in heaven having free run of a three-bedroom house.   Now personally I am afraid of going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  I do not want to be pinched or hear that awful crunch under my foot. 


Here is what happened.  A couple of weeks ago Tooters had three little friends over and each one had a crab to watch crawl across the floor and climb the obstacles they built.  We have or used to have a total of four crabs Shelly, Nelly, Holly and the baby Molly.   Well I was in my favorite chair zoning out a little bit, it had been a very long day, when Tooters started screaming.  This of course got the other girls going and the Wonder Pup barking.  So I figured she had gotten pinched and was ready to put the crabs away.  I walked over and there on the ground was Shelly (the biggest crab) walking away and behind her on the floor was her leg.  What the hell???  I have never heard of something losing a leg and just walking away from it. 


I played the calm, cool, collected mommy and told the girls it was time to put the crabs away.  I put the leg on the entertainment center and ran for the Internet to see what was going on.  I found out when they get stressed it is common for them to lose a leg or two.  Well I definitely learned something new.  I followed the instructions and isolated her until I could see if more symptoms showed up or if she just did not like her cage mates.


A couple of days went by and Shelly seemed to be doing fine, that is until I picked her up and her biggest claw fell off.  OMG she was falling apart right before our eyes.  How much more could she lose before she left us for the big habitat in the sky?   I found out the next day when I found her dead.  Tooters asked if we had to flush her.  I told her that Shelly was to big and we would have to bury her in the backyard.  We had a nice funeral and even buried her in her shell complete with a grave marker. 


The next day Tooters found Shelly’s claw and leg on top of the entertainment center.  She made me go out and dig up the dead thing and rebury her with all of her appendages.  Tooters said that she could not walk around with missing legs.  I guess she is right but digging up a pet by flashlight at 9 at night is not my idea of fun. 


The other day Tooters and a couple of her friends finally started to play with the crabs again.  When they were done I told each girl to bring me their crabs so I could put them away.  Wouldn’t you know it, at that particular moment the phone started to ring and there was a knock at the door.  So you can imagine the sudden mass confusion.  I had a spastic dog barking, three girls with three crabs crowded around me and the noise from the phone and door on top of it all.  Well my mommy brain kicked in at that moment I guess, because only two of the crabs made it back in the cage and I thought I got all of them safely home.  I did not find this out until last night when I went to feed them some fruit. 


Me and Tooters spent an hour frantically checking the cage, under all the food/water dishes, and the whole house.  Tooters started to cry because she just knows that the Wonder Pup ate Nelly (the missing crab).  I just know she is under my bed waiting for me to get up in the middle of the night to take a bite out of my toes.  Tooters was so upset she talked about it all night in her sleep. 


Tonight I will go crab hunting again after she goes to bed because I do not want to know what that thing is going to smell like after it dies and sits for a few days.  So if anyone out there is an excellent crab hunter I will pay for your services just to protect my nose and my toes.




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