Crabby Situation Update

I thought I would write a quick update on the situation with a little lost hermit crab, named Nelly.  I am a really bad insomniac and last night there was just no sleep in sight.  So at 4 this morning I got tired of tossing and turning in the bed and decided to just get up for the day.  Now for some reason it hit me that this would be a good time to clean out the hermit crabs cage.  They really are not smelly animals to have but I bet they like their house to be clean just like I do. 


After I turned on the stereo on in the living room (thank god Tooters can sleep through a train wreck) and getting a bucket for the sand I set about getting the remaining two crabs out.  I carefully lifted out the food dish then pulled out the water dish.




For some reason this crab had dug a tunnel under the water dish clear to the center and then dug clear down to the bottom of the aquarium.  The water dish I have in there is pretty good size and the sand fell back into place after she moved forward so there was no evidence of anything around it.  That little shit has been there for two days and here I was walking around expecting to step on her or be pinched in the middle of the night.  In the 3 hours that I did sleep last night I had nightmares of her climbing (yes they love to climb) into my bed and attacking me while I sleep. 


At least she is safe and sound back at home.  Tooters was thrilled this morning that she was found, and I am glad I do not have to buy any more crabs for a while.  


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