Just A Little Help From A Wonderful Friend

I have to send out a huge hug and a very big thanks to one of my good friends today.  Sunday I was attacked by the stomach flu.  Every time I moved or stood up it felt like someone had stabbed me in the tummy and off to the porcelain goddess I would run.   Thankfully Tooters’ is a wonderful kid and she spent most of the day bringing me water and taking my temperature.  For some reason this gives her great pleasure when I am sick to stick that thermometer into my arm pit every chance she gets.  Hey if it keeps her happy then bring it on little one lol.  She also is very good about watching Disney (thank god for Zack and Cody) and coloring.  I almost cried when she made me a get well card all by herself.  She is in first grade so of course the spelling was crude but I will treasure it all the same. 


Anyways Sunday night in between trips to the bathroom and quick nap on the bathroom floor, for some reason this always seems to make me feel a little better, I called my friend to let her know that the dinner we have been trying to plan has to be put on hold until I feel better.   Then she said some very beautiful words to me,  “Since you are staying home from work why don’t you let me bring Tooters’ home for you?  That way you do not have to get up and get dressed.”


OMG if I could have jumped through the phone and kissed her at that moment I would have in a heart beat.  You know sometimes in life there is nothing better than good friends like that.  Plus she is a single mom and has gone through a lot of the same things that I have so she understands me and my crazy side. 


On a side note and I have probably said this in other posts but I think I will mention it again.  It is times like this that I get very pissed off and frustrated with the Donor.  Here I am knocking on deaths door but I am still up feeding Tooters and doing all of the mommy stuff that I do everyday instead of trying to rest and get rid of this flu.  I just imagine him being sick and lying on his mom’s couch with her waiting on him hand and foot, if not his mom then whatever girlfriend he has tricked into thinking that he is a good man.  I am not wishing to be married or back with the Donor but sometimes I do wish I had that second person in the house to help so I do not have to rely on friends and family so much.


So to my friend thanks and god bless you.  You are a bright shiny example of a truly

thoughtful friend and someday I hope I can return the favor. 



P.S. I gave up my Master Cleanse after a day and a half when me and my friend made plans to have lasagna rolls for dinner.  But I think I will restart it today if my tummy will not stage a mutiny and reject anything that I attempt to swallow.  I will update you on my progress if I can even get started today.  You would think this would be a good time, my tummy surely shrank from not really eating a lot and I do not really want any food right now.  Who knows what will happen so wish me luck.  Oh one last thing, it has been two weeks and I still have not smoked and I have gone one week without my anti-strangle the boss patches.

7 Responses to “Just A Little Help From A Wonderful Friend”

  1. As a single mom I completely feel your pain when sick, frustration at the donor (and oh do I EVER have that one), and the gratefullness I feel for my friends and support system.

    Stay strong.

  2. Thank you for the comment. I know I am not the only one out there but it is nice to hear from other single mom’s sometimes. You stay strong too.

  3. Good Friends can Save the Day. Hope you are well soon.


  4. Me too this sucks. I am on day 3 of not feeling, I am starting to wonder if there is something else going on. Maybe I will hit the dr’s office tomorrow. You are right about good friends I have 2 of the best friends in the world right now and they have bailed me out of some tough corners with Tooters. Don’t get me wrong I help them out just as much since we seem to be forming our own little single mom’s group lol.

  5. I realized some time ago that without my friends I would have been a sniveling, drooling wreck of a human being by now. Friends are what get you through the very worst of life and also make the best even better.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Thank you so much for the thoughts. I am great today and actually starting day 2 of my Master Cleanse. I am determined to look hot for Halloween, sober is not a problem but it sure would help to get me shaking it on the dance floor lol

  7. I’d give up a cleanse for lasagna rolls too!

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