Looking For Good Opinions

Before you read this post please keep in mind that I am running on no sleep and no food.  I am trying to decide right now if I should keep trying to do the Master Cleanse right now.  There is a large fire in my town that I have to help work so this means insane hours.  Let me give you a rundown of the last few days and you will see what I mean. 

Monday I was in bed with the stomach flu and ate very little, I went to bed that night and had a hard time sleeping so I got maybe 6 hours of sleep if I am lucky.  I finally gave up at 4:45 am and got up for the day.  I worked a full 10 hour shift then picked up Tooters went home and went for a walk then did some laundry.  Then all of the fires happened and I got called into work and was at the dispatch center by 2am.  I was released from there at 8:30 only to go to my office and continue to work until 1pm.  Keep in mind that I still have not slept. 

Then I had to go to the pharmacy and I spent 30 minutes standing in line.  I did something there that I have never done before.  I fell asleep standing up like a damn horse.  Who knew I had such talents?  I finally made it home and tried to sleep.  By 6pm I gave up trying to sleep through the dog barking and me freezing on the couch.  I was too lazy to get up and turn up the heat.  So I went to get Tooters from my friend’s house.

I called work and sure enough they needed me in by 10pm.  I took Tooters to my dad’s house and got her settled in so that I could go and get ready for work myself.  So here I am sitting at work and I think I have only had about 8 hours sleep since Monday, I think. 

Today is going to be even worse.  I will get out of dispatch at 6am only to go get Tooters and get her ready for school.  I will take her back to the office with me until time for school and shuttle her there.  I will continue across town to go to physical therapy for my shoulder.  Now instead of going home and going to bed I have to go back to work because I have some pressing paperwork that has to be done today.  Then I have to be at the specialist at 3pm to find out if I have to have tests done this afternoon or schedule surgery.  After that I still do not get to go home and go to bed I have to go to a Parent Council meeting to finalize the plans for our booth we put together for the festival this weekend.  Still no bed in sight for me because I have to take Tooters to my dad’s house then go get ready for work and be back here by 8pm. 

So my thoughts are with all of this there is no way my body is going to properly benefit from the cleanse at this point and maybe I should give up just for the day and restart tomorrow.  This will be easier because my dad is off work and can take Tooters so that I can sleep and I am not trying to split my time between two offices. 

The more I think about it the more I like this idea.  Then again I am onto day 3 and I have to waste all of the progress just to start over again.  Who knows maybe I am just rambling because I am sleepy and I cannot take a nap.  I will put a poll at the bottom please chime in and let me know your thoughts.



5 Responses to “Looking For Good Opinions”

  1. Sunny–site looks great and perfect for Halloween. Glad you stayed out of the heat and there’s going to be some pretty hot looking witches in Utah this Halloween.


  2. You really need to be careful, Sleep deprivation can mess you up! Especially be careful driving with Tooters in the car!
    Maybe now is not the best time for the cleansing? Keeping healthy might mean eating and sleeping to get you back up to speed. You have your whole life ahead of you. What’s the rush?

  3. None of these fires were going on Tuesday morning when I started the cleanse and now that I am on day three I hesitate to stop. However I just don’t want to get exhausted and with no food get sick. I made all of these appointments last week and I cannot change it. I will be ok I was just being a whiny butt early this morning. I did end up falling asleep in my chair for an hour. Which is ok because I just turn the radio’s way up incase someone calls but no one did they were asleep too lol. I quit smoking two weeks ago so I am cleansing all of that out plus I want to make sure I look hot for my party and not bulgy in my costume lol.

  4. doggonedmysteries Says:

    Seriously, you NEED sustenance. With all the stress, lack of sleep and running about, your body needs to have some good nutrition. Take it from who knows.

    I am my husband’s caregiver, he has secondary progressive MS. I also shuttle his elderly Mom about when she needs it. I take care of the house, do all the maintenence, have two energetic dogs, a large yard and Koi pond, all of which need constant care, and I write all night.

    Oftentimes I forget to take care of myself. You do not want to become ill, which by the way, if you have to have surgery , will put that off for a while. so you have a couple of minor bulges in the costme, it’s still better than getting ill.

  5. Yep I gave it up for tonight had me a big fat burger from burger king. When did those get so tasty??? I think this is my last night shift for the season so once I get back on a normal schedule in the next day or two I will try it again safely and by the book. Thank you so much for the comments and caring!!!!

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