Are You A Freddy or A Jason???

In my opinion in life there are two kinds of people in the world.  You have your Jason people and your Freddy people.  What this means is which horror franchise do you prefer?  Are you the type of person that prefers the Freddy Kruger movies or do you like the Friday the 13th movies?  I believe this is directly related to your personality.  Just keep reading and see what I mean.

Freddy Kruger is gruesome to look at, but you just cannot turn away you have to keep looking at the overall look fascinated by the effect.  This means you are curious and not afraid of a little gore so you are a strong soul.  Freddy starts out with the basic slash of the young pretty girl but he evolves into much more.  His killing style becomes creative even jocular as the later movies come out.  This means that you are artistic and not afraid to take risks in life and you like to be thought provoking.  Freddy stalks his prey and toys with them if he does not get them the first time.  You are patient and if you do not mind trying over and over again to get what you want.  This also means that you are playful and do not mind a side trip now and again.

Jason actually was not in the first movie it was really his mother is concealed behind a mask.  This keeps you guessing and wondering what is behind it.  This means that you do not take people at face value you look beyond that and try to see what they are hiding.  He stalks his victims and seems to mostly stick to his determined gait.  This means you are focused you know where you are going even if it takes you a while.  His killing style is to slash and stab.  This means that you are direct and you cut to the chase so to speak and get it over with quickly.

Now for the weapons of choice.  Freddy has his signature glove with the knives.  However he also invades your dreams and kills from there.  This means that you are a deep thinker and a bit of a dreamer.  You like to use your hands but only for fun and art not for the dirty work.  This does not mean you are lazy you just have a different way of looking at the world.

Jason prefers the machete.  He stalks his prey and then slashes and stabs.  This means you have a direct purpose for what you do and how you do things.  He also sticks to the woods.  This means that you are not afraid of the outdoors or getting dirty. 

So which type of person are you?  Are you a Freddy or a Jason?  Personally I am a Freddy all the way.  I even have a collector’s edition box set of all the movies on VHS still in the wrapper that has never been watched.  I know what a nerd, but leave me alone that is my man.  As you can guess I am a little warped.  So leave a comment at the bottom and let me know what you are.  Happy Halloween.





7 Responses to “Are You A Freddy or A Jason???”

  1. kashmirihindu Says:


    Nice blog tks for such a great thought.


  2. I’m a Freddy Girl, all the way!!! I still rember being balled up watching those movies with my older brothers, I was all ay freaked out but loved them! Now Jason still gives me nightmares!! JJJ Kill Kill will forever run through my head up spuces canyon. I tell ya that story another time!
    Much Love, Annie
    PS Lets plan a Freddy movie night this weekend, if your up for it!

  3. I will call you sounds like a plan to me. I am always up for seeing my man even better with a friend that enjoys him as much as I do.

  4. nyota0uhura Says:

    I like neither… am I a freak??? I don’t really know why I don’t like Jason & Freddy, since I loooooove a lot of horror movies. Weird, huh?

  5. Nope I just picked those two since most people are familiar with them. I think the next one at the top of my list would be the Saw movies. I am dying to see part five when it comes out at the video store and they are working on part six right now. Woooo Hoooo

  6. Although I like the Freddy movies, I see myself as more of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre kind of a guy.

  7. That is a good one loved the movie but there was not enough of them.

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