Missing: One Brain Cell Possibly More

I usually try to leave work stuff out of my blog but my boss did something yesterday that I just have to talk about.  Now I know he tries really hard but there is something about this guy that is way off.  Some days are worse than others.  His heart is in the right place I just don’t know that it is communicating with his brain. 


I was sitting at my desk hard at work as usual **wink wink ** when my boss and one of the other guys in the office walked in to get something out of the supply closet across from me.  Well they were standing in the doorway talking about general work stuff when my boss trying to make a point stomped his foot on the ground a couple of times.  Just as he did this the other guys cell phone made a doorbell noise, this just could not have been better timing.  The boss looked up shocked and I swear to God he asked me if he made that sound when he was stomping the ground. 


I don’t know what came over me but at that moment I just could not help myself, I very seriously looked at the boss and asked, “What noise?? I did not hear anything.”


He just looked from me then to the other guy looking very confused.  I asked the other guy if he heard anything thing then I asked the boss if he was feeling ok.  What happened next was classic.  He started stomping his foot on the ground like a horse saying watch I will make it do it again.  How I kept a straight face I will never know.  The other guy was turning purple because he was working so hard to keep from laughing.  I thought this guy was going to blow an O-ring or something. 


So of course I asked the boss if he was sure he was ok and did he remember to take his medicine that morning.  All he can do is keep stomping and saying just a second I swear I did it.  He finally gave up and mumbled something under his breath and shuffled back to his office.  As soon as I was in the clear I raced up the hallway to the closest exit so I could go outside and laugh.  I still have not told him that it was the cell phone and not his foot!


You know this is not the first time he has done something this absurd.  I wonder if he has lost a few marbles here and there.  Anyways it doesn’t matter to me what is wrong with him as long as he continues to brighten my day like that sometimes. 


8 Responses to “Missing: One Brain Cell Possibly More”

  1. Oh, that’s crap-tacular! I wish I coulda been there!

  2. I am still giggling about it today. I finally saw him for the first time since yesterday and he came shuffling in wearing his white hard hat and before I knew it the words “Special Ed” came flying out of my mouth. Thank god he did not hear me. He probably does not even get the meaning of that name anyways lol

  3. splashflapper Says:

    Did anything funny happen at work that day?

  4. doggonedmysteries Says:

    Thanks for the giggles! Classic!!

  5. Splash do you mean something else besides my boss looking like Mister Ed in the middle of my office??

  6. Too much–thank goodness I only had to be around 3d graders….

  7. aimeemarie Says:

    That is classic. I hope everyone in your place of work heard about that one. I had a really crappy boss once and I always wished for something of this caliber to happen. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh when my boss does stuff like this I always make sure that the co-workers know about it for a good laugh. Believe me I could post several stories like this about my boss but I will spread them out for slow posting days lol.

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