My Sweet, Sweet Little Stinker

Christmas is a time of family, giving and thinking of someone other than ourselves.  Well ever since my divorce holidays are kind of rough for me.  Even though I have my beautiful daughter and my wonderful parents that live here in town, I still feel like the holidays are a little reminder that my little family was torn apart.  Not only is it that Tooters and I were left to face the world ourselves I feel bad that I am not able to give her the presents I wish I could give her.  Instead I settle for making a huge deal of Christmas and being with family.  I am also passing on a saying to her that my mother taught me as a kid, “It is better to give than to receive.”  The other one that we have been working on is, “It is not the size and expense of the gift it is the thought that counts.”


We have been working on understanding the meaning of these little pearls of wisdom for a while now and OMG I think she finally got it the other day.  What she did made me actually sit down and cry underneath our little Christmas tree. 


A couple weekends ago my boyfriend came into town and helped us put up all the lights outside plus the tree inside.  Well since then my little tree has been bare with no presents.  I only was able to buy a few things for Tooters this year and I was saving them for Santa to bring to her.  I finally could not stand it anymore and went to the store to pick up a few things that I could wrap for her.  They are nothing-expensive just little things like coloring books (she can color for hours at a time) and a blow dryer for the both of us since she is getting into that and mine is on its last legs/cord.   So I waited for her to go to bed and sat at my table wrapping presents so I could surprise her in the morning.  Let me tell you it could have been Christmas already. 


We sat down and I let her read all of the tags to me.  With each one that she read that was for her she got more excited.  I explained to her that she cannot open them until next week and she said ok.  Then that little sweetie looked up at me and said, “Mommy where are your presents?  All of these are for me.”


I explained to her that my presents were coming with Santa on Christmas morning and not to worry about it.  I also let her know that she will go shopping with my parents later on so that she will have something to give to me.  This seemed to pacify her and off to school/work we went for the day. 


The next morning my alarm clock went off and as usual I hit the snooze button, but unknown to me Tooters snuck out of bed and turned it off.  She tip toed into the hall closet and got out the only wrapping paper she could reach and went into the kitchen.  There she sat at the table while was still asleep and wrapped 6 presents for me and put them under the tree.  Later on my parents started knocking at the door to let me know my dad was shoveling the driveway for me, and that is what woke me up 15 minutes late for work. 


Tooters dragged me into the living room and showed me the fruits of her labor.  I asked her what all that was under the tree and why did she use the baby shower and birthday paper.  She said that was all she could reach.  Tooters said that she could not shop so she wrapped up some of her stuff and put it under the tree so I would not feel left out.  I told her that she did not have to do that, then she looked at me and said, “But mom remember it is the thought that counts and I was thinking of you with my heart.”


OMG I sat down next to her and cried while I hugged her.  Of course that night I talked her into unwrapping her stuff so she could have it back and that I would get her presents next week.  She agreed and what I unwrapped amazed me.  One of them was her purse that I still borrow from time to time.  The other 5 were books from her shelf.  She said that she gave them to me because I am always telling her how precious books are and how much I love to read. 


This all just blew me away because she is actually listening and learning from me.  So I am going to rub it in that I have the most special little Santa’s helper in the world wrapped up in 4 feet of sweetness.  I think this is something I will remember the rest of my life.  I hope you all have a chance to have an experience as precious as I did earlier this week. 


9 Responses to “My Sweet, Sweet Little Stinker”

  1. I’m glad I’m the only one awake right now because I’m staring at my computer, crying. You have been blessed with an amazing daughter – one who loves you with all of her heart. I only hope my daughters and I have the same kind of relationship as they grow older.

  2. It’s good to that the true meaning of Christmas is still alive and well.

  3. You are a good mommy! You MUST be! You helped shape that beautiful and kindhearted little angel of a daughter into someone special!

    What a gift you have for Christmas and for everyday!

  4. Hey gorgeous… only a special, strong, smart, independent and caring single mother like yourself could inspire such heart-warming behavior. You and Tooters indeed deserve each other.

  5. Awwww thank you everyone for the wonderful comments!!!!

  6. Seems to me you’re incredibly rich and that your daughter will be much more blessed on Christmas morning and every morning after that by a mom who’s embraced her heart.

    Save these stories…they will be your treasures.

  7. You are such a wonderful mommy. How else can you explain the precious child you’ve raised? Next time I’m having a bad day I’m coming back here to read this…

    And yes you can link to me on your blogroll….but only if I can link back to you 🙂

  8. doggonedmysteries Says:

    Awwww. She’s such a sweetheart. You made me blubber and then I had DH sit down to read it because he HAD to ask me what made me cry.

    Super big hugs to your darling angel.

  9. Linked on my blogroll!

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