The 2009 Mommy List

As a mother I am accustomed to giving up things for Tooters on a daily basis.  Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining in the least, but I have recently sat down and really looked at what needs I have that are just not being met.  Which is totally my fault and I actually love the joy it brings me to give up something so that I can put a smile on Tooters face.  Even if me and my sanity suffer in the long run.


This brought me to thinking about my New Year’s resolutions.  Does anyone ever really fulfill their resolutions or just talk about them for 6 months before only to be forgotten with in weeks of the New Year?  So instead of making some ridiculous resolution list that I am going to bag in a few weeks then spend my time feeling guilty about.  I decided to make a realistic mommy list of things that I am going to do for myself throughout the year that I neglect regularly.  After reviewing my list I think all mom’s both married and single should make one. Here are the ten top things I am going to do for myself in 2009.


1.     Go bra shopping before I am down to the only one that I own that is held together by safety pins.


 Yes sadly to say I am sitting here in a bra that I am praying will make it another couple of weeks and no one thinks the funny lump under my shirt is a nipple piercing.  I already have purple and black hair and tattoo’s, I don’t need people looking at me like I am a complete freak. (Personally I hate to shop for a new bra it is a waste of precious time that I could spend on other activities.)


2.     Take an extra few minutes in the morning to actually enjoy a hot shower, and maybe even use the different settings on the showerhead.  Shut up you perverts not for that!!


I totally race through my showers and even have it down to getting in and out before a full song can play on my stereo.


3.     Let the dishes pile up in the sink for a night so that I can enjoy a hot cup of tea and read a grown up book.  Again perverts keep it in check, I am talking about my murder mystery books.


As much as I love to read Dr. Suess or Fancy Nancy to Tooters it would be nice to get back to reading the types of book I did before she was born.  At least more than one or two pages at a time, which is what I do now before Tooters demands my attention.


4.     Find time to exercise in peace without Tooters trying to imitate me and the Wonder Pup thinking it is playtime. 


Tooters loves it when I pull out my exercise DVD’s, because after giving it a 5 minute effort to keep up she just ends up laughing at me and asking why I am not doing it like the ladies on the DVD.  The Wonder Pup thinks she is helping every time I do the floor exercises by jumping on my stomach that is already sore. 


5.     Buy myself a new pair of jeans that actually fits so that I don’t look like some saggy ass stoner from behind. 


In the last year I have lost a little over 50 pounds and now none of my clothes fit properly.  They either are falling off of my body or the last 2 pairs that do some what fit are starting to fray.  I am a little afraid every time I bend down that my thighs or ass are going to come flying out.  Heck I might as well add a new shirt while I am at it.  I look like Omar the tent maker is my stylist.


6.     Buy new underwear that fit and are not full of holes. 


Again since the weight-loss I have not invested in new underwear, another waste of time for me.  However now I have the biggest granny panties you have ever seen and I need suspenders just to keep them up.  Maybe I could just hook them to my safety pins on my bra and start a new trend.  Not to mention that most have holes in them and I have to be careful where I grip them to pull them up.


7.     Grocery shop in peace.


All you mothers out there know what I am talking about so I will not elaborate on this one.


8.     Go to bed early. 


Instead of trying to pick up toys, straighten the house, or squeeze in one more load of laundry just bag it all and go to bed right after Tooter’s is asleep.  I am an insomniac but sometimes it would be nice to see what it is like to be able to be in bed for more than 5 or 6 hours in a single night even if I end up watch late night T.V.


9.     Ban Miley Cyrus from my car stereo.


Tooters and I love good loud music (is there any other kind) when we are in the car, but when I am on main street and she has her window down I tend to slump down in my seat and if I am wearing a hat pull it a little lower.  People tend to notice me before seeing my 6 year old in the back seat and I end up looking like an old freak.  You know sometimes I just need a good old fashion cuss fill grown up song to rock out to.


10. Quit smoking for good this time.


Oh hell I had to have at least one hard one in there.  I know I quit a few months ago but the holidays are so hard for me I could not take it and started up in the last month.  So I broke out the anti-strangle everyone patches and slapped one on.  I even let Tooters break my last two smokes and throw them away. 


So there you go there is my list.  I know this post was kind of long for me and I apologize but I just had to share.  I would love for some of you mommies out there to share what would be on your mommy list.  Happy New Year’s everybody I hope it is a good one!!!

Trying to look happy for a Monday!!

Trying to look happy for a Monday!!

17 Responses to “The 2009 Mommy List”

  1. Terrific goals & congratulations on the weight loss you have made. It’s tough losing weight & still having things in the house a child likes! Well — that’s what I used to use for an excuse… Best of luck with it all!!

  2. Whoooeee!! You are gorgeous, Grrl!!! It’s so nice to have a pic to match my imagined “you”!
    What a great list!
    I couldn’t have said it better myself!
    (Except what’s wrong with enjoying your “shower settings”? Makes the day so much nicer!!!

    • Aww you are so sweet and that is not even a good pic, at least I d not think so. Thanks alot for the showerhead comment I agree but tried to keep it somewhat mmmmm pg-13 for general readers. Shhhh that is our secret lol.

  3. I am so proud of you for losing the weight! I can’t even lose 10 pounds!
    You rock 🙂

  4. I agree, CONGRATS ON THE WEIGHT LOSS! Please share your secret as losing a few lbs is my non-resolution (because if I make it a resolution, it will never happen). And as for the bra thing…I am right there with ya, sista! Man, I could use some new ones! (I am sure that is TMI, but hey, that is what blogging is all about, right?) Great post! And thanks for the link!

  5. Be good to yourself. You deserve it.

  6. Weight loss–that might mean exercise and of course that would go right into my last post. Congrats and here’s to 2009 that does round us out!!!!


  7. You are sooooooooo cute! I love the picture, it makes me just want to squeeze you- and yes, you pulled off the Monday look very well! *wink* I think this is an amazing post and I love that you are committed to doing nice things for yourself- so many times the “mommy” forgets that she counts too. A happier mommy makes for a happier family too- Good luck to you on all the goals you set! I’m really happy for you and WAY TO GO on the weight loss! So great!!! How did you do it? I signed up for Weight Watchers yesterday…. so far, so good. And, I had to LOL when I read your bra and panty situation- I recently went out and got 2 more bra’s – some of them were in horrendous condition – nothing is better than a new bra and undies 🙂 Treat yourself well- you deserve it!

  8. Thank you everyone for the awsome comments 8-). The weight loss I have a confession to make, I have a thyroid condition called Graves and last year my body started rejecting the medication and I gained like 30 lbs so after a trip to the dr I got onto a different pill for my thyroid since mine was destroyed by radiation about 13 yrs ago. I also go put on a pill for blood/sugar that helps a lot too. However I did have to work hard with it. I eat smaller portions, healthier food, cut out soda and sugar, and not counting the last two months that I have been sick lots and lots of exercise. Tooters even got me started on jogging. I track everything I do on a website called I track calorie intake carbs fats and my exercise and calorie out put.

    So there is my secret healthier living and the right pills at the right dose.

  9. Oh and I set small goals instead of huge ones that are hard to obtain. I also bought a cute shirt in a smaller size and leave it hanging in plain view as a reminder of what I am working for. Little goals help like saying I want to lose 3 lbs in the next 10 days, I want my pants to be looser, I want to be able to jog a full mile with out having to stop in the middle. I do have my big goal for the final weight loss but in the mean time the little ones help. I still have about 20 lbs to go to be a hot momma lol.

  10. I like your quirky sense of humor. comes out brilliantly in your style of writing. kudos!

  11. what a great list, your number three is what i do most of the time. 🙂

  12. i already added you to my blogroll,thanks!

  13. appleanny Says:

    HI I stopped by from the Mom Blogs. I love your list I’m right up there with the shopping for bra’s there are tons of things I’d rather do. But I might have a suggestion for the exercise. Get a couple of exercise videos for kids and work out with Tooters. Billy Blanks even has a bootcamp for kids 😀

  14. Stopped by to say hi, and read your post! I suggest you treat yourself to the best, most comfy bra you can buy. Go to Victoria’s Secret. They’ll measure you, and then bring you everything you want that is your size, because once you know what you wear there, you can just get it. You don’t have to try on 20 brands that all size differently. And next time, you can go get the same bra again, in your size, and skip trying it on. Treat yourself! You’ll never go back to cheap ones again. 🙂

  15. I am loving the comments thank you!!! I am so glad I am not the only one with these problems. I even talked to a couple of girls in my office that read my blog and they do the same thing with their bra’s and they are not even mothers lol.

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