Open Post To The Service Man That Left Me Hanging

Dear Service Men/Women,


I would like to send out a huge thank you for everything that you do for us common folks that need you to get by on a daily basis.  With out you I would have no health care, cable, phone, Internet, and a million other services that require you to show up at my house or for me to wait in your office. 


However with all these wonderful things that you do for everyone everyday do you think it is ok to make us wait on you no matter how long it is??  I mean believe it or not I do have a life that I like to enjoy.  For some reason the idea of sitting around and waiting in a little stuffy waiting room with a squirmy child and listening to other screaming kids is not my idea of a fun afternoon. 


Just because I happen to need some work done inside my house that I need to be home for, does that mean my time is not as important as yours??  All I ask is for you to give me a better idea of what time you will be there rather than between 8 and 5.  Some of us really do have jobs and/or a family that needs to be taken care of.  Do you not realize that the less time I spend at my job earning money that means I have that much less to give to you??


You know if I could fix my pipes, hook up my own cable, cure my own cold or do the other things that you do, you would lose your job??  So instead of pissing people off and making them wait endless hours and losing hourly wages, up your costumer service and show up on time or pin point a time you will be there.  Don’t over book yourselves just to try and squeeze as many billable hours in as possible into one day.  Maybe next time that I am spending a whole day at home waiting on a service person I might just read a book on how to do it myself and just get it done quickly. 


I do however understand that there will always be things that need attention that I cannot possibly do or have the education required to perform that task.  So in these particular cases please do not talk down to me just because you went to some big fancy college.  I may not have the money that you do, the degree, or the knowledge of what you are doing, but that does not mean I don’t have the capacity to understand if explained when I ask about it.  Also does this mean that your time is more precious than mine or worth more?? 


I really do want to thank you for what you do and if we can all come up with a compromise for these few problems that I mentioned I think a lot of stress can be alleviated.   I am sure you can find me if you really want to discuss these problems just check your voice mail for an irate customer that was left waiting for you and you did not show up or the service was not provided properly.  I can also be found in every state and every city in the country. 




The Bitchy Customer Left Hanging


P.S. If anyone out there can relate to any of this please feel free to leave comments at the bottom!!

11 Responses to “Open Post To The Service Man That Left Me Hanging”

  1. Oh can I ever relate!!! This post probably resonates with every human being in the U.S ! I think you were rather nice about the whole thing, myself. I say much worse things about them than that!

    I have learned a little trick though. SInce I got a cell phone I leave them that number andtell them to call me a half hour before they will arrive. This way, no matter where I am I usually meet them at my house in plenty of time without having to sit there all day!

  2. Ok, so I wrote the same post today, I should just publish it to show you but mine was not nearly as “nice” – mine was a full blown rant w/ curse words galore. I wasn’t going to post it because, well, I really got worked up about it and figured to leave well enough alone… I had vented it out of my system but now I feel the need to post it. I can so relate. So, so, so relate!

  3. I CAN SO RELATE. Sorry for the all caps, but we just switched to a digital phone service and it took one month and three visits from “technicians” (and I use that term loosely) to get it to work right. Talk about being at the end of your rope!

  4. OH rock on!!! I hate that shit!!!!

    I hate it ..hate it when they give you that window of like friggin’ 5 hours…now if my ass leaves the house they will be there in the first hour…if I stay home…you can bet my ass will be last. I can’t win. But I HATE that..and most of those dudes are getting paid enough they should own a friggin cell phone . What I say is ..”I’ve got other shit to do…if your company didn’t suck …I wouldn’t need this repair so this is how this is gonna work…I’ll be at the store about 5 miles from my house. When your repair dude is about 1/2 hour away he’ll call me and I’ll buzz home. See how that works for everybody…then I don’t have to chew on his ass the whole time he’s here.” KAPISH?

    thank you…now can somebody help me down off this soapbox? BTW…can I add you to my blogroll too cuz I think we are like sistas! And the fact you let queenie and trisha hang around you gotta be cool!

    • I am glad that this post is being recieved well. I toned it down because I did not want a lot of pissed off comments like I got on one of my other stories. Javajunkee love your blog and I would love to be added to your blogroll.

      Quick note to all my blogger friends I am developing, I love you all and love to read your pages with everything that you share.

      Trisha the cell phone thing I tried so I could stay at work and they called my house phone instead and told me to reschedule my appt to have my digital cable hooked up and then they told me it would be several days because I chose not to be at the house waiting for them! GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

  5. It really is unacceptable. As common as it is for people to be this inconvenienced by this sort of thing I can’t believe someone hasn’t figured out a better way. I just missed the repairman for our ‘fridge this morning… It’s not a critical repair so I was okay with it, but still!

  6. Very well said! I HATE when this kind of thing happens.

  7. Don’t you remember when they would give you a time between two hours, than it was between four, and now it’s between eight? Like everyone can just sit at home and wait. I adore the companies that give me an exact time and actually call before they come. *sigh* Wish more companies were like that.

  8. Well put! Service people and all the waiting really ticks me off too.

  9. sunnymom…I am happy to add you to my blogroll…thanks for stopping by and following our adventures with the buddies..hopefully we’ll get to do it again and you and your daughter can get in on it. 🙂

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