What Did I Just Get Myself Into?!?!?!?!

You know it has taken me 3 months to get here but I made it, I am officially now a college student. I am scared because I am 30 something and been out of school for so long. Luckily I am going to school online this semester and taking only two classes but I am still a little intimidated, I mean I have to learn to study and take tests all over again.

I have to admit I did take 3 classes a few years ago and did not do my best. I started out with hard classes thinking “No problem I am a smart adult, I will fly thru this thing!” OMG I was wrong. Let me just make a suggestion to everyone out there interested in college. It is not impossible for anyone, even single parents like myself, but examine what is going on around you and make sure it is a good time. I tried to do it when I had a 3 year old running around, was working full time one place, part time at another place, going through a nasty divorce, adjusting to being single again, and trying to travel in between. That is a recipe for disaster. So I am trying it again and as of today I am fully admitted, I even received all of my Pell Grant money. Wooo hooo for me!!!

Tooters is now 7 years old so I think she can handle all of it better this time. I set her down the other night and I explained to her that mommy was going back to school so I would need her help so I can pass with good grades. She looked at me and asked if I flunked something that I had to make up. I gently told her how this is good for us and will help me in my job. Then I heard my words come flying out of her mouth:

“Well you know you cannot play with your friends, the computer or anything until your homework is done. That means right after work mom, that is what you said the rule is!”

OMG what a little momma she is turning into. Even the other day riding our bikes home she made sure I was on the sidewalk behind her because it made her feel safer that I was not so close to the traffic. Crap that is what I tell her all the time. The other night I was on the phone and she overheard me cussing about something so she came into the room and reminded me that the words I was using are unacceptable and I need to remember proper manners. Holy hell I thought when I was a mommy living on my own there would be no more censorship. Well she sure showed me I guess.

I thought I would brag a little bit that I am a full fledge college student. I am stoked and so starting in May if I don’t blog as much you know where I am, hiding with my nose in a text book lol.

18 Responses to “What Did I Just Get Myself Into?!?!?!?!”

  1. KUDDOS!! I so wish I would have gone back to college on a regular basis. And I love that your daughter understands the importance of it all and is guiding you in the priorities of your day now! That was cute!!

  2. Good for you for going back to college, I got tired of it right out of high school and gave up…Your little girl sounds like my kids, my oldest son bleeps out the bad words that may come out of any ones mouth, he’s my sensor.

  3. Congratulations! It’s a huge step… I know, I’ve gone back TWICE. I love online courses, but two is the max I’d recommend a mom take on. Even if the class isn’t so difficult, there is still the issue of putting in all the time to do all of the assignments. For me, I saw 1am 5-6 nights a week, because I didn’t do a whole lot of homework during the day. I mostly worked from 8pm on. Plan your time carefully, take care of your daughter first, and you’ll be fine. I have yet to finish my degree, but for me that’s okay. I’m too busy being a mom and homeschooling to do that right now. Good for you! This is great, and it will help you get ahead which is huge when you’re single.

  4. You go, girl! You’ve got every tight to be proud of yourself and, fwiw, I’m proud of you, too! Rest assured that you have a stadium full of cheerleaders out here who are looking forward to cheering you on 🙂


  5. you have every right to brag !! what you’re doing is soo admirable. mucho kudos for you, you brave Woman.

  6. More power to you! Your daughter certainly ‘gets it.’ Happy for you. 🙂

  7. Congratulations. I went back to school, before I had a child, but I found the second time around to be so much better. I’m sure you will feel challenged and inspired in all the right ways.

    I’m excited for you.

  8. Congrats! I’m sure you’ll do awesome. And, in the unlikely event that something goes awry, maybe you could threaten to post a nasty blog post about the professor. It’s worth a try:)

  9. that idea never entered my mind, I will have to keep that on reserve lol.. Thanks for the suggestion

  10. very nice article

  11. doggonedmysteries Says:

    You go girl! Now that Tooters is older and other things have settled down in your life you should do very well…Congrats!

  12. Congratulations, Sunnymom! You are amazing.

    My mom went back to school when I was in 6th grade and finished graduate school when I graduated high school. Her dedication and hard work made me determined to go to college and work even harder. I know what you’re doing will make the same impact on your daughter.

  13. Congrats! Good luck to you, I know you can do it!
    And Tooters is so cute, she will most likely be your most loyal supporter. Feed off of that!

  14. Awww thanks everyone for your support!!! I am super excited to start school and I am looking forward to the busy fire season I will have lots of night to study. The love and support I am feeling right now is great and I think I am a little proud of myself too lol.

  15. You should be proud! What a great example you’re setting to Tooters!

  16. AHhahahaha! They are such little sponges, soaking up everything we teach them (even the stuff we don’t mean to teach them – LOL) and then using it back on us when we least expect it! Too funny! Congrats to you on going back to school. That is awesome. It must have been hard when she was three but I’m glad you didn’t give up completely and have decided to give it another go.

  17. Congrats on going back to school- good for you! Tooters sounds like such a hoot! I get a kick out of reading your Tooters stories!

  18. Congrats! Both on the college and on raising such a smart little cookie. 🙂

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