What Went Bump In The Night???

Ok, some of the blogs that I read every morning had mentions of ghosts in them. Now I am not a jumpy type and I do not scare easy. I love to watch scary movies alone on the weekends and I believe that I have an old man ghost in my house that has been with me for several years. However they got me thinking last night about it before I went to bed and I ended up dreaming about ghosts. No nightmares just dreams, but it is what happened when I got up in the middle of the night that was funny.

Every night when Tooters’ goes to bed I turn on her stereo so she can listen to books on tape. Don’t get me wrong I still read to her but she likes to have the noise in the bedroom with her. Right now she is in the middle of the Little House On The Prairie series, I think she is on the 4th book now. I am like this also; I have a noisemaker I listen to every night.

Well last night was a really bad night for me because I had gotten some bad news and I ended up sitting in my room at one point in the evening crying. Sweet little Tooters, who I thought was playing computer, snuck into my room with some Kleenex and dried my tears for me then laid down to hug me. All she wanted to do was make me feel better. AWWWW!!!!

So when it came to bedtime she asked if I would rock her since it always makes me feel better. After she was asleep I continued to hold her for a while then carried her to her bedroom. As always I turned on her story on the CD player, put it on repeat, then went about my business of going to bed myself.

Now as some of you already know I am a pretty bad insomniac and last night was no different. I was up wandering the house several times and dreaming about ghost in between walks. Around 3am I was up wondering the house and checking my email when I heard something very strange. I live in a neighborhood so I am used to sounds plus with the noises in the house; it is just normal to hear stuff all night. However this noise was very different it only lasted a second or two then quit. This was happening every minute or so.

Now like I said I am not jumpy so I sat in the dark in my computer room and just listened to it for a while trying to figure out what it was and which room it was coming from. It sounded like a male saying, “Lo, h’lo”.

Finally I got up and went through the house looking around and checking the doors. I then stood in my dark living room calling out, “Hello, who is there?”

When I got no answer I wondered is my old man of the house finally starting to make more noise?? I slowly made my way back towards my room and heard the noise again and a lot louder coming from Tooters’ room. I went in and found out that the CD that was on the loop was skipping and a man was saying hello. I took a calming deep breath, turned off the stereo and went back to bed.

After a while I laid there thinking about it and started to giggle. Here I am a kind of small non-threatening woman, alone in a house with a dog that would rather lick you than anything else, and a 7 year old daughter. What the hell was I going to do in the middle of the night with nothing to protect myself if it really had been someone in the house? I guess I could have scared them off when I turned on the light and they saw my bed head.

Like I said I am not scared to be in my living situation, but on the other hand I think I am going to the junk store today for a cheap golf club just incase, you can never be to careful in this day and age.


17 Responses to “What Went Bump In The Night???”

  1. No reading scary blogs before bed! I’m glad it was just a book on tape gone wrong — I was thinking it might be some sort of animal in the house ((shudders)).

    I have a noise machine, too! Aren’t they the best 🙂

  2. oh my ..I hope it wasn’t my ghosty blog that helped this along 😦

    could it be though that if it is the old man …he might be protecting you. You said he used to play with Tooters…I would think he is now going to watch over you ….I’m not sure if that helps or makes it worse.

    get pepper spray..not for the old man but it’s a good thing to have. And keep a ball bat by you.
    I would have no problem taking somebody out if they tried to get in here. I’ve got an arsenal of stuff laying around …that is if the dog didn’t shred them first.

  3. Your daughter is so sweet. I love that she went into your room armed to make you feel better.

    (And I hear you on the noises in the house…I freak myself out sometimes making things out of the noises I hear. So glad it was only Little House on the Prairie!)

  4. That is awesome that your daughter is so sweet and concerned about you. What a cutie. As for the golf club – well, I’m no good with golf (unless you count miniature golf with windmills and stuff) so I’d have to go for a baseball bat so I’d have a better chance. Anyway, glad it was just your daughter’s story that was skipping and not some intruder. Yikes. 😯

  5. You poor baby! I keep a baseball bat in my bedroom. I was told to aim for the knees. Intruders expect you to try for their head so they protect that but you can take someone out with a good swift jolt to the kneecaps or anywhere south of the knee!

    I’m just sayin’, is all….

  6. I have a baseball bat hidden behind my bed that I can easly grab!!

  7. oh yeah there is nothing like a good kneecap pop to bring somebody to the ground. First two places a dude will protect (thinking it’s coming)…eyes and groin. AND a good swift kneecap jolt will ease them into remembering that all essential kneecap!

  8. LOL I’m really bad at freaking myself out. I have an overactive imagination, which is not helpful now that I spend most of my nights alone with the boys. Glad you found your “h’lo, lo” sound. You’re daughter is super sweet.

  9. I would have crapped myself for sure. CREEPY man! Totally creepy, I was getting weirded-out just reading this…. Golf club, for sure!

  10. I talk myself into freaky things all the time. I usually have my cell or home phone with me at night ready to dial 911 at a moment’s notice! I am pretty sure if I carried a golf club or bat around, I would just end up smacking myself in the face.

    You are so lucky to have Tooters. She is so sweet.

  11. I’m with JQ, I would have crapped myself. I’m not really afraid of house noised either but if it sounded like someone talking, that would freak me right out. I’m not afraid in my house. I love on 80 acres out in the country and if a leaf falls off a tree my two dogs go berserk but if my husband goes out of town, I do have a gun out of the gun safe. I don’t know what I’d do with it but I’d scare the bejesus out of someone if they did get in, that’d want to get out ASAP because I’d act like a retard and they’d be VERY AFRAID!!!!

  12. heheheeee ! go out and get yourself a louisville slugger. that’ll help ya.

  13. Ohhhh-that gave me the heebie jeebies.

  14. Thanks everyone for the great comments. I am watching the local pawn shop for a good golf club I prefer a driver lol. I had one once before but lost it in the move. I do have some bear spray that I keep in the house it is suppose to be just as good if not better than pepper spray. I used to have pepper spray from a cop buddy of mine but I used it all on the pit bull that had me trapped in my car.

  15. The style of writing is very familiar to me. Have you written guest posts for other blogs?

  16. Nope never written for anyone but myself . Thank you for visiting tho and glad you liked it

  17. I’ve always been terrified of ghosts, yet fascinated with them. I live alone, in my late grandparents’ house. I think if I were to see a ghost, I’d unlock the front door, and run like hell–then return, hoping he or she was still here. What fascinating things the ghost could tell me!

    I have a different take on ghosts, though. If they exist at all–they don’t haunt us, we haunt them! I believe that, if there is a Heaven, it is amidst us. It’s in the same space as we, but in an alternate universe. So the departed are with us all the time–even walking through us. We don’t have to die to enter Heaven, but we do have to be in a state of extreme spiritual transcendence. Very few of us ever accomplish this, in our lives. We are too distracted by our own universe (what we call “reality”). But some of us can–and those who can naturally see the departed, if but only for a few seconds.

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