To Be, Or Not To Be A Hottie??

Recently Tooters came home from school and informed me that there were two new boys at her school.  One is in 1st and the other is in kindergarten.  Well these two boys are very taken with Tooters, especially the younger one.  They have become thick as thieves at school.  Tooters even told me that one of her friends is the girlfriend to the older one and some jealous mean girl tried to break them up.  Oh the drama is starting already. 


Anyways the other day Tooters’ and I rode our bikes to her school. This has become our daily thing when it is not SNOWING.  Do you hear me Mother Nature quit PMS’ing and give me back my spring weather. She parked her bike I talked to my friend Dolly for a while then got on my bike to ride back to work.  Everything seemed just fine with the world. 


The end of the school day rolled around and back down to the school I rode to get Tooters’ and her bike, then back to work we would go so I could finish up some paperwork.  I wanted to hurry and get it done so we could get the 3.8-mile ride home finished before dark.  I told you that Tooters’ is trying to kill me riding that much in a day!!!!


We get back to my office and she pulls out her homework but looks like she has a load on her mind.  I just let her think about it for a while, I want her to come to me to talk about stuff when she is good and ready no pressure.  Sure enough pretty soon she tells me that we need to have a talk. 


T – “Mom you know my new friend in my class?” (This is the younger of the 2 boys)


M – “Yes, I thought you were such good friends and played together everyday?”


T- “We do, but something happened today and it hurt my feelings really bad.”


 M- “Are you going to tell me what it is?  I cannot help you figure out a solution if you do not tell me what happened.”


T- “He kept calling me a name all day.  He even chased me on the playground singing it and would not stop when I asked him to.  Mom it hurt my feelings!”


At this point her whole face just crumpled and she started to cry.  I am not talking just a few tears I am talking about the huge, super hurt, heartbreaking, flowing, alligator tears.  I scooped her up into my lap, rubbing her back while I tried to calm her down. 


M- “Honey just take a deep breath and tell me what he said.  I am sure we can figure this out together.”


T- “M-m-m-mom he kept saying (hiccup) all day (hiccup/burp) Tooters is a hottie!  Tooters is a hottie! (hiccup/cough).  It-it-it made me feel b-b-bad! (hiccup/hiccup) WWWAAAHHHH!!!!”


I just looked at her and thought to myself do not laugh at this little girl it will crush her even more.  Holy little girl drama batman, what do I do?  How I did not burst out laughing I am not sure, things got a little hazy at this point lol.  Calmly I explained to her what a hottie was, and that he was not saying it to be mean.  Suddenly the clouds parted, angels sang and she was bright and shiny again.  Tooters hopped off my lap and went back to her homework like nothing happened. 


Well I could not resist, that night I called the boys mother and told her what happened.  She is from the south and pretty proper but that is part of why I like her, she was horrified.  She said boys aren’t suppose to call girls that and she would talk to her son.  The boy’s mother told him not to use that word while I was on the phone and this was his response:


“Mom calling her pretty is boring and beautiful is to old fashion.  I am being hip!”


She was speechless and I just told her I would talk to her in the morning.  If I did not hang up the phone when I did I was going to lose it.  I thank God everyday for my Tooters, but on days like this with this much entertainment I thank him a million times over!!!! 



19 Responses to “To Be, Or Not To Be A Hottie??”

  1. hahahahahaha!

    What a great story!

    Not just hilarious, either. “I just let her think about it for a while, I want her to come to me to talk about stuff when she is good and ready no pressure – ” really struck a chord for me.

    You’re right. And I know that’s something I’ll need to remember.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. OMG! I am so laughing out loud at this one! Out of the mouths of babes!! I really hope you keep a journal or a scrapbook so you can record these wonderful memories for the future. They are truly precious!

  3. That is what my blog is an online journal not only for me but for others to enjoy too. Hopefully some of the ppl I know will read this sometime and then they will understand why I am crazy and in my own world most of the time. As back up I print all of these out after a couple of weeks so that I can have the comments on them too. They are all safe in a hard covered 3 ring binder in my computer room.

  4. I feel Tooter’s pain. I am constantly getting comments from women over the large size of my feet. It just isn’t fair.

  5. Awww…that is a very cute story! Kids are so funny, life would be dull without them.

  6. Hon, you’re a great mom. Now excuse me while I LMAO!

  7. I want to be a kid again! You did great holding it together mom!

  8. OMG, too funny! Man, does the drama start early or WHAT? I am terrified of the teen years. Actually, I am terrified of the pre-teen years. Tooters is very lucky to have you, you handled it beautifully. And how you managed not to laugh, I’ll never know.

  9. Aww! Is she going to start saying it back to him now? What a cute story.

  10. If I give her $5 will she come over and call me a hottie?! I know this is totally not the point of this…. but still!

    And fwiw, I think you have wonderful parenting instaincts and handled the situation wonderfully.

  11. Boy, I dread the conversations about hurt feelings and boys at school. Glad to hear this one turned out so well.

  12. lol

    I dunno how you didn’t crack right up during all that!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog

  13. I’m wiping tears fr my face. You have great self-control. Great blog.

    p.s. Thanks for the tip about using pseudonyms.

  14. First of all, for some reason, each time I read the name “Tooters” I get a smile on my face because it’s such a cute little nickname! Poor little dear, was all scared her new friend didn’t like her- It’s nice that you didn’t burst out laughing at her, that must have been hard but you did the right thing- that would have crushed her for sure. You handled it perfectly. Isn’t it funny how they can be so upset one minute and hop off your lap and be fine the next? Funny story!

  15. hehe .. that was cute.

  16. What a riot! Awesome story. I am stumbling this.

  17. lifeunderacarolinamoon Says:

    Very funny! Gotta love kids!

  18. Hey, when I was that age, I’d chase the girls all over the playground to kiss them! This caught on–several other boys joined me! We even had to stay in the room during recess, at least once!

  19. LOL That was awesome! The little guy has a lot to learn if he thinks calling a little girl beautiful is old fashion. And you might want to get your daughter a stick because it looks like she’s going to have to beat them off with it.

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