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Remember It Is My Way

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For some reason the last week or so I have been in a crabby mood. It seems a lot of stupid little things irritate me and I don’t know why. Maybe I am PMS’ing or I am having a chocolate deficiency, who knows. Anyways when I get into a funk like this I love to listen to some good old fashion fast angry music. So right now I am really on a Limp Bizkit kick, I love me some Fred Durst!!! I was listening/blasting my CD in my car while running errands the other day and my favorite song by them came on, “My Way”. It just says everything that I want to scream to the world and especially to certain people. I am going to attempt to post it below and be patient the intro takes a few seconds and then the song starts. Really listen to the words and tell me if that does not apply to people you know at some point in time. Right now it is my personal anthem and cannot get enough of it. I am sure when I get out of this mood I will be back to my funky music, so enjoy.