Do You Have A Little Marley In Your House??

Tooters and I watched a touching movie tonight that gave me the urge to write. We sat up and watched “Marley and Me”. If you have not seen this movie I highly suggest that you do. It is one of the feel good type of movies that makes you smile and leaves you crying at the end. Not only that but it makes me want to wrap up Tooters and the Wonder Pup in an extra big hug and love them with every part of my body.

We all have a little Marley in our lives mine just came in the form of a puggle. At the end of the movie the main guy points out how dogs loves us not for what we are or what we have but just for taking care of them, loving them and being there. I think if the whole world had a little more Marley that it would be a nicer place to live and love.

My little piece of Marley chews underwear, dolls, trash and everything in between. I am not even sure how most of it gets digested but it does. But no matter how much the Wonder Pup chews, barks, jumps on people, or misbehaves we love her just the same. She is always there when we get home for the day excited just because we walked through the door. We go to bed at night and she is so eager to get into the bed with me just to be hugged and loved.

This brings me to a funny little story that happened tonight. Tooters and I got home around 10:00. As usual I got my house key out and we walked up to the door. Earlier in the day I had opened the blinds on my side door to let the sunlight in and forgot to shut them before leaving. Well we peeked in to see what the Wonder Pup was doing and she was asleep on her princess pillow. I don’t know what made me do it, but instead of just opening the door like normal people I rattled it like I was trying to break in.

Now normal dogs would bark their heads off with their hair standing up on the neck ready to kill who ever was trying to come into their home. But not my Wonder Pup! The Marley in her came out full force. She jumped off of her pillow and ran straight into her cage that I keep in the kitchen with the door open. There among her pillow and blankets she hid from us. Tooters and I melted in a fit of giggles as I rattled the door some more. When we looked in to see what was happening I saw just one black eye and ear peeking out of the cage door looking at the noise. Quick as a flash she ran up the hallway towards the bedrooms then peared around the corner with just the one eye and ear again. Tooters and I probably looked like a couple of goons standing on my side step rattling the door and giggling until our sides hurt. Finally I opened the door and the Wonder Pup tackled us in a fit of licking like usual.

In the short time I had left my little piece of Marley she had managed to find Tooters’ Polly Pockets and chew them. I am sure I will be finding pieces of rubber clothes in her poop in the yard in the next few days. But in spite of all this we love our Wonder Pup no matter what she does. We may get mad at her less then stellar behavior sometimes but she is ours and we know that she loves us back above all else.

This just proves that she is all bark and sometimes not even that lol. I just hope that she lives a very long time so we can continue to have her in our lives. I may not have a big family or even a normal one, but I have my girls. The three of us fill my house with noises of love and happiness that I will treasure forever. I would not give it up for the world.

When I dreamed of a family as a kid I never thought that this is the type of family I would end up with. However it is mine and we are rich with love and that is more than I could ever have asked for. So with that I am headed to my bed for the night to cuddle with my daughter and Wonder Pup. I will fight for room and covers but do it willing and very happily.

 Good night everyone!!!!

I'm really good when I am asleep!!

I'm really good when I am asleep!!


9 Responses to “Do You Have A Little Marley In Your House??”

  1. Awww, loved this story of Tooters and the Wonder Pup. My daughter saw Marley & Me and was really upset. She thought it was a comedy and was so disappointed and saddened. I still do want to see it though. Have a wonderful Easter Sunday! I love my two little “wonder pups” too- Cozmo and Bella. They are my joy!

  2. That is so sweet! We have a retriever who is also like that. Funny and excitable and freaked out by everything. We always figured that if someone broke into our house she’d be so excited to see them that she’d lead them to whatever valuables we had. Luckily we’ve never encountered that (nor do we have valuables, so that might be why). But one day it all changed for her. Not sure what happened, but now when someone comes to the door that she doesn’t know, she barks so loud the whole neighborhood wakes up. Which is great…except at nap time. Poor dog – can’t win!

  3. I know I for one can’t watch that movie. I’m ok with gang buster movies and blood and guts but when it comes down to something like this…nope can’t do it. It’s Love Story in dog form and I get too upset.
    I have to keep with comedies in which it just stays that ..funny.

  4. I shall have to put that movie on my ‘to watch’ list.

    Love your story. Family often isn’t what we imagined, but it is what we make it and yours sounds perfect!

  5. Award for you at my place 🙂

  6. What a great giggle-fest that must have been! Those little puggle eyes!!! Oooo, makes me want to snuggle the puggle!

    The end of your story made me proud to call you “friend”. Being happy with what you have (and you have something wonderful!) is truly a rare and precious virtue.

  7. We are planning on watching that movie Friday night. I saw it in the theater without the kids and balked at taking them. I know my oldest is going to be a mess, as our black lab is her favorite member of our fam. I figured DVD would be an easier way to go, because we can stop it and chat about parts that make her sad.

    Anyhow, I just so happened to clean up a “present” from the dog that contained bits of Polly Pockets in it. Makes for pretty poop.

  8. Great blog you have here and loved this story!! We have a Puggle also! Aren’t they awesome little dogs???

  9. Gary I love my puggle she is a little unruly at times and gets into trouble here and there but over all she is a wonderful dog!!!! Her personality really fits into our family that is for sure lol.

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