A Beautiful Award From A Beautiful Person

Woo hoo Javaqueen gave me a very nice award to put on my blog with an explanation of why I like to blog here it goes.

I love to write so I thought I would join the world of blogging. This is also a way of keeping a journal of all the cute things that my daughter Tooters’ does and says. It started out as just a little hobby to keep me in a writing mode so I could keep the creative juices flowing. Who knows maybe someday I might even be able to fulfill my dream of being a professional writer.

Anyways what started out as a personal project has turned into a wonderful place that I have made some wonderful friends. I love reading everyone’s blog with his or her own personal stories and ideas. I never thought that I would end up with such a cool group of people to trade stories with.

My blog is really relaxing for me and keeps me fairly sane during the crazy times. When I get stressed out and overwhelmed I just post something and enjoy the comments that follow. On days that I really feel like everything is going in the crapper I can go back and read what I have been writing and it lifts my spirits. Also visiting the cool sites of my cool friends helps a lot and puts a smile on my face.

They have also made me realize that I am not alone in the world when it comes to certain challenges. So thank you Java for the wonderful award and I would like to pass it one to a few of my friends as well. Some of you might have gotten this award from Java but I want to make sure you know how I feel as well.



Trisha Truly


Bad Mommy Moments

Lost in Suburban Bliss

The World According To Me



Now here is what you do, post this on your website and mention who it came from.  Then explain why you like to blog.  You can pass this onto people that you think deserves this award too.  Remember to let them know on their site so they can come and retrieve it.


P.S. I am still trying to figure out how to put the names as links so please bear with me.  Also trying to figure out how to put the award on the post.  Help anyone??


9 Responses to “A Beautiful Award From A Beautiful Person”

  1. Thank you , thank you , thank you!! You definitely deserved tha award and I am grateful not only for the award you passed along but for your friendship, too!
    I can tell you are finding your own true voice. In the short time you’ve been blogging here on WP I can see you relaxing and having a good time with the writing. It’s wonderful to watch someone like you, who has a knack for storytelling, letting the words flow! You do a wonderful job of letting us feel like we’re right there, sharing your days and nights with Tooters and the Puggle and the crazies we all have to deal with every day.
    I am honored that you passed this award on to me.

  2. I usually copy the award, paste it into paint and then save it as a JPG file..then you can upload it here just like you do other photos. 🙂

  3. I’m honored to get this from you! Thank you so much. 🙂 I’m new to your blog but I went back and read a lot of your old posts by now and feel like I kind of know you. I’m still waiting on that email you owe me though. 😉

    To put links, just highlight the word you want to make into a link, then click on the “link” thing. I think it is a button that looks like a chain. A screen will pop up to where you can type in the URL that you want it to link to.

  4. You are AWESOME, sunnymom. Thank you so much!
    (And I’m so glad that you’re back, BTW. Missed you while you were gone.)

  5. I missed you, too! Thanks so much for the award! I agree with you, it is amazing that you actually “meet” and get to know such wonderful people by blogging. Lucky us, right??

  6. You are so very welcome!!! xoxoxox All the reasons you blog are great! I can relate to all of them *except for the being a professional writer part, cuz I’m not a natural born writer* but all fantastic reasons! So glad I found you!!!

  7. Thanks sunnymom! Please realize that I sit on awards and try to hatch them. By hatching them I hope that they will also come with cash prizes 🙂

    As for the award pic… right mouse click and then select save as. Then (on blogger — don’t know wordpress) click on the top menu bar during create a post and insert it as you would any picture. (On blogger) there is a link on the menu bar to create a hyperlink. You just cut and paste the html link and it creates it for you. If this isn.t right for wordpress look on google or in your help menu for how to create a hyperlink in WordPress. If this doesn’t help you’re on your own!! This is the sum total of all mys kills encapsulated 🙂

  8. Awww. You soooo deserve the award – Javaqueen knows how to pick ’em for sure! And you passed it on to some great bloggers as well. Many of them are familiar to me and I know they are awesome. 🙂

  9. You are far too kind. Thanks bunches.

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