The Gift That Won’t Quit Giving

As everyone is well aware of I am a divorced single working mom trying to survive paycheck to paycheck and not lose my mind in the mean time.  Well I had something happen last week that almost pushed me over the edge.  I once again received another “gift” from my ex-husband that I fondly refer to as the Donor.  That is basically all he is.  I thank him all the time for giving me the gift of Tooters but that is the only thing that I want to keep from him. 


I know I have ranted about it before but I just do not understand how someone can help create this beautiful and hilariously lively little girl then walk away without looking back.  Unless, his mom forces him to have contact or he is trying to look good for his new woman in his life.  But on the other hand I am selfish and get her all to myself to enjoy her everyday antics, frustrations, and love.  He has had no contact with her for over a year now and not seen her face to face in three.  As for child support, don’t even get me started on that one.


Anyways I was checking my email like I always do and I saw that I had an email from my old satellite company, Dish Network.  I have been getting emails from them since I had service with them way back when I was married.  I usually just delete it since I just figured they were advertisements trying to get my business again.  This time was different the subject line read, “View your estatement now!” 


What the hell?!?!?! What statement?? I have lived in Utah for over five years since leaving him and he was suppose to take my name off of all the bills.   So of course I called the company and asked how they could bill me for service I have not had in that long.  Here is what I got told,


“Well Mrs. Donor this is an outstanding bill for pay-per-view porn movies from 3 years ago.  You will need to pay this immediately or else we will be forced to send it to collections and it will go on your credit report.”


Now here is the thing, I have been in my house for over 4 years with cable because I cannot attach a satellite to the house per my landlord.  I, calmly as I could, explained this to them and even gave them the number to my cable to company if they wanted to verify that I have not even lived in the state of New Mexico since before the bill was accrued.  I probably used a few words that I shouldn’t have, but I was so beyond pissed I could not help it.  I think I could actually hear the first young lady on the phone blush a little bit.  To you young lady I am really sorry. 


Of course they declined and after I talked to several “supervisors” I got told they will do what they can to get my name off of the bill and send it to the Donor but they could not make any promises.  That actually asked me for his address.  I was at a loss for words by this point and told them just take the name off of the account and I do not watch smutt like that then hung up the phone before screaming and crying some more. 


The crying part actually pissed me off some more.  I know it is human to cry but I hate to personally because it feels like I am being weak.  Then I get even more pissed off at the Donor because he made me feel this way.  I usually let my pity party go on for a little while, pick myself back up, brush my tears away and regain my steel spine so I can continue on with my life.  I refuse to allow him to have that much power over me.  He had that power when we were married but not anymore!!!


So I have decided that this boil on the butt of humanity is like a bad gift that will not quit giving.  I cannot even call the ass because I do not know where he is at right now.  Really I don’t think he wants me to call him anyways because I have a lot of choice words for him that he probably does not want to hear. 


I actually feel better getting the words out and ranting a little bit, so now I am going to go home take out my anger on some weeds that need to be pulled then curl up with Tooters and watch some television.  If anyone out there runs into my ex please let him know that I am waiting for him with a ton of bills worth several thousands of dollar and a foot for his ass. 



My ass kicking shoes

My ass kicking shoes


31 Responses to “The Gift That Won’t Quit Giving”

  1. Yes that is me kicking some ass !!!!! lol

  2. Wow, I would have been so incredibly pissed about that too! They better not make you pay for it! I wish I were the woman working for Dish Network. Don’t those people have souls? They ought to clear your name and charge him double and then send you the extra payments.

  3. Love the pic!
    That totally sucks, tho, sunnymom. I can’t even begin to imagine your frustration. I guess that is another reason to blog, though…let everything go as you type and then spend your precious time on things that matter, like hanging with Tooters, right? Hope this all gets straightened out soon!

  4. Here’s me, SunnyMom, sending loving hugs to you.
    I hope you can set your troubles aside and sleep knowing that somewhere out there in a Billing Dept. in Ass Hat, USA is a person who wants to change professions right about now . Way to go ! Don’t worry about yelling at that woman! She knows what she’s doin’! Mostly she deals with scumbags who simply won’t pay their bills but you know there are PLENTY of women just like you who work hard to pay their bills on time and raise their children with no help from the “Donors”! Couldn’t she have a little more compassion and understanding, for cryin’ out loud?? Someday she could find herself in the same boat as you!!

    • She will get hers too! Thanks for the hugs. You know I am stong and going to get thru it. You know I prefer fighting him on this end rather than fighting him the way I had to when I was living with him.

  5. I hope that someone’s foot finds his ass soon.

    • I believe that everything will come full circle at some point. Besides I am getting the good end getting Tooters he is missing out on that whole experience. He will get his in the end I know it.

  6. Your ex sounds a lot like mine. What a Jerk! …snuggling with Tooters will make you feel better.

  7. What a friggin’ deadbeat! I’m certain there is something you can do about this, it smacks of identity theft when you really get down to it. Maybe that’s the direction you should be checking since he has NO right to be using your name for anything.

  8. omg what a dog.

    I hope the company sorts it out and takes your name off the damn bill. Asshats.

  9. The picture is hilarious!

    I am so sorry that your ex is such a moron. You should pull a credit report ASAP and check to see if there are any other accounts that might still have your name attached. This story is disheartening but it’ll be worse it if re-plays!

    • Yep did that and still paying on most of the bills from the marriage. Everything was community property and most was put into my name unknown to me. I just have to suck it up and get through it. I just keep thinking it is almost done.

  10. *hugs* That totally sucks. There is something you can do about it. I’ll talk to my husband who is awesome about getting this kind of stuff resolved. If I remember correctly (and I’ll double check) threaten them with the NM state attorny’s office and the FTC. Tell them you have a blog and will write horrible PR blogs that will get thousands of hits. You’ll make this there most expensive service call yet.

  11. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

  12. I wish I had advice, but it sounds like faemom and KathyB! have you given you some good tips. I’m so sorry you have to deal this. What a jerk. Hang in there, sunnymom. Stay sunny for your little girl.

  13. Talked with the husband. I confirmed everything I said was correct. IF it goes to your credit report, use the same lines on the collection companies. Write to each of the credit report companies with your evidence of living in a completely different state when the charges occured. Since you have this evidence, the credit report companies will take off the charges becuase they’re fraudulant. But it will take a few months to get off your credit. If you need more help, let me know.

    • Calling them this week that is their dead line. Plus I forwarded all of it to my lawyer in NM that is working on the change in jurisdiction. One way or another I am going to get out of this bill. Thanks for the advice I will remember to threaten them with this lol.

  14. You have a good alibi, so it should hold as others have said. Let him hold it. I hope it all gets cleared up. It’s bad enough when your ID gets hijacked, but another when it’s Mr. Donor himself.

  15. I am so sorry that you have to deal with someone like that. It’s enough that he doesn’t want to be a part of his daughter’s life but then to pull stuff like this.

    You sound like a strong woman who will only use these bad experiences to help your daughter avoid them.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today.

  16. Who donated their bottom for the photograph?

    Kidding aside, I’m so sorry you have to deal with sh*t like this. Your daughter is so lucky to have such a strong mama in her life.

    • Awwww thanks ck!!! I would rather not deal with it but the way I look at it is that it is making me stronger and just proving to myself that I am the bigger stronger better person. I will give you one guess on whose butt that is lol. She got a big *kick* out of it when she saw it later on lol.

  17. It’s terrible that you have to deal with that! Awwwww.

    On the bright side, them’s some LOVELY ass-kickin’ shoes.

  18. What a piece of —-! GAH! Karma baby. Karma. This cannot be good for him at all. He’s putting out wayyyyy to much negative shit! {{{HUGS}}}

  19. Wow. Those companies are so nervy with the lengths they will go through to try and collect from someone. If they put that energy into finding the real responsible person, imagine what all they could accomplish. Anyway, you should never, ever feel bad for crying – it is a normal emotion and all it is is just emotion that you cannot contain – tears can be from joy or from frustration or sorrow. And if your body can’t contain all that emotion then it is good to let it out so you don’t explode! 😉 But definitely nothing to be annoyed with yourself over. Hugs to you!

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