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It is finally my turn to give back to someone around me. For so long I have had to rely on the people around me for help since my divorce. It is not something I like to do, but it is something that I have had to do. I get help from my parents with baby-sitting Tooters and of course they spoil her rotten with clothes and toys. My other friends have helped over the years with baby-sitting, letting me vent and just plain being there when I needed a shoulder to cry on.

I have also sat back and watched my parents help out people around them with a little bit of jealousy because I am not in the position to give back to others like that. I sit around and just try to be patient waiting my turn to give back something, help someone in need, or have that incredible feeling from being an awesome friend.

I finally got my chance this weekend. My best friend called my cell phone the other night and asked me to go pick up her daughter from her roommate since he was having some kind of melt down. She felt it was not a good place for her kiddo to be at the time. The little girl was in no danger or anything but why leave her in a stressful situation when she did not have to? Of course I was thrilled that she thought of me to help her and out the door I ran with Tooters hot on my heels.

I got back to the house with both girls who by the way were elated that they were going to be there watching movies late until my friend got off of work. I called her to let her know that everyone was safe and currently being sugared up on ice cream. I told her that since the roommate was being a dick that she was welcome to stay the night at my house. I had even made sure I was stocked up on herbal tea so we could have a good old fashion male bashing session. Sorry guys!! She agreed with me and said she would be there as soon as she picked up some clothes.

A few hours later my cell phone rang and it was my friend crying that the dick kicked her out. I got her as calm as I could and told her that the two of them are going to stay with me until we can find her a place or figure something out. I had my cousin that is visiting take the girls out for a Happy Meal so that they did not see my friend if she showed up crying. That was so cool for the girls to be going out of the house to McDonalds with someone new at 9:30 at night.

I have now set up my friend and her daughter in Tooters room. She is welcome at my house for as long as she can stand the insanity or she finds a new place to live. When Tooters asked about what was happening I told her what my mom used to tell me, we are building our stairway to heaven. I was taught growing up that you have so many steps to build in your lifetime in order to reach heaven but you only build each one by doing something good for others. So Tooters and I have added to our stairway this weekend.

 As bad as I feel for my friend and what she is going through I want to thank her. Thank you for being a friend to me, allowing me to be your friend, and letting me do something good for you. Thank you for asking for my help and giving me the gift of feeling incredible as I help you in your time of need. Thank you for being the strong, brave woman that is not afraid to ask for help so that I can take all of the good things people have done for me and pay it forward to you.

Someday Tooters will understand just how precious it is to help others and to relish in the feeling that comes from it. I know that my parents are the ones that have shown me that path so it is now my turn to take Tooters by the hand and guide her this way with me. It is a beautiful fulfilling path and I just pray that she appreciates where it goes, because it is a well-worn one paved in smiles behind us.



12 Responses to “Follow Me Tooters”

  1. capstoy Says:

    I have been watching this whole thing from my house and you and tooters are doing a beautiful thing. Like I told tooters on the the phone you both are building your steps. I love you both and your friend and her daughter will always love you and tooters for the help you have given them in their time of need. Love from Sunny’s Mom and Tooter’s Grandma

  2. What a wonderful example to set for your daughter. And what a wonderful gift – to feel good from helping someone else.

  3. That is exactly what friends are for… I will email the veggie pizza recipe to you tonight…and it was so yummy!!!

  4. I like the stairway to heaven idea. And I agree with ck about the wonderful example your sharing. I always feel like I depend on my bff too much about all the times I’ve called ranting or crying about my marrige, so when she calls me when she’s having some horrible problem, I’m secretly excited to help her out. Heck, she just reminded me that she owed me a couple hundred bucks I loaned her last summer. Oh, well what’s money between friends. I do hope your friend lands on her feet.

  5. that is so awesome. what a great friend you are and what a fantastic lesson tooters is learning about how this world can really be. Great job mom!

  6. Your stairway is going to be tall and strong and gilded in gold.

    I am so glad that your friend has you to help her through this rotten time. I feel lucky to know you as well.

  7. I think it is wonderful not only how you are helping out your friend, but how you have this awesome attitude about it. You don’t just “not mind” helping, but you desire the chance to help. That is the kind of thing I am sure Tooters is picking up on from you. Your whole family sounds like the kind of people this world needs more of. Good for you.

  8. Very neat idea of building a stairway to heaven. I think I will borrow this saying and teach it to my kids! You are a great friend. 😉

  9. You are a good friend and a great mom.

  10. Awwww thanks everyone. What was funny is my friend was hesitant to stay for so long (she is still with me yeaaa) until she read my post and she seemed to be ok with staying with us. I was glad I got a chance to ler her know how I feel. Plus with so many in the house right we are both actually having a blast together.

  11. Awesome! You are definitely a great friend – sometimes helping others doesn’t happen in the ways we expect but I’d say that what you are doing has to be worth a couple of steps. 🙂 Oh, and don’t let any jealousy or guilt build up when your parents can do things for you or Tooters that you can’t. I bet it brings them such joy and a sense of purpose to be able to do those things that you would never want to take that away from them. Everyone likes to feel useful and I think parents get a little lost when they DON’T have someone to dote on.

  12. uhhh you ok? I am not seeing activity on here and that concerns me! Please let us know you are ok.

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