The Neighborhood Cujo

With my insane schedule right now I worry about not spending enough time with Tooter’s, so I have been making an extra effort to make sure she is getting the attention she needs.  I take one day every weekend and we go do something special, then I come home and hit the books hard.  I usually end up studying until midnight but I think that the trade off is worth it.  Anyways in order to keep my sanity Tooter’s and I have been jogging at night with the Wonder Pup.  Last night we ate kind of late so we just walked the neighborhood instead and boy was it eventful. 


We did our usual route all up and down a couple of streets before coming to the through street we turn on.  Everything was normal, you know the usual kids out playing in the street, occasional dogs wondering around and typical neighborhood noises.  Well when we got close to the intersection that brings us back to our road it happened…… we were attacked.


Really I am not joking!  There is this house with a cute three foot wooden fence in front that we were walking by with a couple of big dogs in the yard.  Now the Wonder Pup cannot see through the fence so she does not pay attention to the dogs unless they come over and bark at her first.  This doesn’t bother me because they are just talking to us and protecting their yard.  But last night was different the huge rotwieller that weighs more than me actually jumped the fence. 


Ok I am not afraid of dogs but watching this thing fly over the fence put the image of Cujo in my head.  I managed to shove Tooters out of the way so she would not get bitten, at the same time looking up for the owners.  The Wonder Pup was scared and trying to bark while hiding behind me at the same time.  All this did was piss off the dog even more and made it chase her around me to get at her.  I ended up turning circles to keep the rot away from the Wonder Pup and try to keep from getting bit myself.  Poor Tooters was scared but I don’t remember hearing her scream or cry, however when it was done I saw a few tears that escaped.  


Anyways all I could think to do was scream, “Help me! Help me! Come get your dog!” 


I did this over and over for what seemed like eternity until the man came out of the house to get his horror machine.  He did ask me if the dog bit anyone.  The thing is he asked it like he was asking about my day, very calm like this is a normal conversation for him.  I told him that the dog flew over the fence and came after the Wonder Pup and me. 


Now here is where things heated up.   I was so scared and full of adrenaline that we started walking away still trying to process what happened.  The wife came flying out of the door and called me a liar because the dog did not bite anyone.  I calmly told her I did not say the dog bit us just that it came after us.  She looked at me like I was a piece of shit on her shoe and informed me the monster is friendly and would not hurt anyone. 


I beg to differ after seeing it launch itself at us but I did not want to get into a fight with her in front of Tooters.  I just wanted to get us safely home, check every inch of us for damage and cuddle Tooters till we both stopped shaking.  The bitch kept giving me the stink eye and saying nothing really happened.  You know I managed to keep my cool for as long as I could and tried to keep going towards home, but I finally just had to say something.  So I informed her that if my daughter has even a drool mark on her she would be in a world of shit and I would call animal control. 


This is just an empty threat but it made me feel better at the time.  The fear of retaliation kept me from calling anyone since I just live around the corner.  It is times like this I have to be extra cautious since it is just the three of us in the house.  Plus the Wonder Pup is outside all day while we are gone and what would stop them from harming her.  This is also the time of year I start working at nights as well so I cannot protect the house. 


I got home, calmed down and checked everyone for marks.  Wouldn’t you know it the only one that came out of it with a mark was me; I have a nice little bruise from one of the teeth.  Needless to say I am sitting here today reconsidering calling someone about that dog.  It is not fair to us that we can no longer walk that part of the neighborhood with the fear of being attacked again.  What’s to say next time the stupid monster actually bites one of us??


Tooters did tell me as she was getting into bed that she is going to save up for a dog bigger than Cujo around the corner so it can protect the Wonder Pup and us from being attacked again.   This was so sweet I just hugged her and hugged her until it was time to read to her. 


I just want to play, I swear

I just want to play, I swear

P.S. I found out that reading my psychology book to her at night helps me study and man does it put her out quick lol.


11 Responses to “The Neighborhood Cujo”

  1. Crap!! I wish I lived near you for a while. I’d put the fear of God and the po-leese in that family. How dare she talk to you and Tooters like that! The very fact that their huge mongrel beast frightened all of you so badly should have made them totally apologetic and willing to make things right. (Nothing against Rottis but it seems Rotti owners fall into a certain category)

    I really think you should make at least an informal statement at your local police station so that if anything untoward should happen while you’re away the cops will know who to suspect!

    AHHAGGGGHHH!!!! I wanna beat that couple with a spiked collar!

    • Awwww you sound like the perfect momma bear protector lol. I did call a cop buddy of mine and let him know what happened. He is going to patrol the area and when he sees the dog out (which won’t take long) he will go talk to them and tell’em to keep it under control. At least he is aware of what happened so if something at the house does come up he has a starting place.

      I also talked to the local animal control and I guess they are very aware of this family and when they lived in the middle of town had lots of problems with them. AC said they have gotten many tickets and had lots of screaming matches with them.

      So I am going to play it safe and walk a different route at night.

  2. I absolutely love this blog. Pets and animals in general are something I hold close to my heart. I even have a pet related site too!

  3. Wow, that is just sick that the lady even talked to you like that in front of your kid! I’m sorry you were hurt. I’m sure the panic and fear was worse than the bite too.

    I strongly urge you to go buy some pepper spray to carry the next time you go for a walk. It is harmless, just painful, and legal to use if a dog is attacking you or your dog, or, God forbid, your child.

  4. that stupid bint of a woman. I’m glad you did something about this.

    Hope you are all recovered from your fright.

  5. Why can’t people just be civil and decent? Is that asking for so much? Doesn’t this stupid bitch from hell realize if she had just come over to make sure you were all ok and reassure you it wouldn’t happen again – this would have been an entirely different situation? This infuriates me and she’s lucky I wasn’t with you because I would have kicked her and her fucking dog right in the ass! Oh, I’m steamed right now.

    I’m very pissed. I do not understand for the life of me how people can be so heartless. Selfish, self-absorbed, and heartless. You don’t have to have a bite wound to be traumatized by a large, ferocious beast jumping over a fence and attacking you. Poor Tooters too!

    I agree with Trisha. Wholeheartedly. I can see why you don’t want to make a big deal out of it due to possible retaliation, it’s obvious these people have no morals or sense of right from wrong…I’d let someone know but that’s just me. Seems like the owner was just as threatening as the dog.

    I’m in shock. She’s seriously lucky I wasn’t there with you cuz I’m a damn bitch when someone is just plain ignorant. Lucky lucky lady!

  6. Oh, that was horrible. I’m so sorry about that. It’s just too bad all your bloggy friends don’t live near you because you would have some one there to take that woman on, me included. I hope Tooters is ok. As for the psychology reading, LOL that’s awesome. I saved a few of my most boring college texts for just that reason. 🙂

  7. Carrying pepper spray when you walk at night is a very good idea. It isn’t only bad dogs you have to protect yourself from these days.

    I’m sorry that woman was such an idiot. It’s dog owners like her that give responsible dog owners a bad name.

  8. Thank you everyone for your love and obvious support!!!!! We went for a walk last night and avoided that street all together but the house was close enough to the intersection I saw the woman in the front yard with her beast, she just glared at me. My evil side made me give her a cutesy little wave and a sarcastic smile lmao. She did not think it was as funny as I did, boy can her stomp into a house. I feel much better now lol.

  9. There is a dog in my neighborhood like this and I keep wanting to post about it. Maybe I will finally get to it someday. But it still amazes me how every dog owner thinks their dog is not going to hurt someone. Of course it will if it sees someone as a threat and any stranger could be a threat – even a child. These are animals and they don’t process information the same as we do so the dog owners need to respect and realize this about their pets. Plus, a girlfriend of mine had to have stitches because a dog jumped on her (it’s claws had not been trimmed) so even though she was not technically “attacked” by the dog who was only happy to see her, she did have to have several stitches in her leg. Food for thought.

  10. We had a dog jump over a fence at us once. He didn’t hurt us, but he startled us a bit. I had all three of my kids with me and a couple of neighbor kid too when it happened. The owner wasn’t home when it happened so we put the dog back in the yard and he still got out. We don’t walk down that street anymore. One of our friends was walking her dog down that street(she lives on it) and that same dog attacked her dog and it nearly died…and she had two very small children with her when it happened.
    We also had a dog that used to jump the fence and we finally decided to find another home for it because we didn’t want him to hurt anyone. someone that had really high fences took him.
    A lot of people here carry big walking sticks with them when they take walks because there are a lot of dogs that get out of their yards.
    That lady should have been concerened about you and your child and animal rather than calling you names. Unfortuneately there are a lot of people like that, that don’t want to take responsibility for what their pets do …and that is sad.

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