Not A Bright Shiny Moment

Let’s play a little game called “What If?”  I’ll ask the questions and give my answer to it, then if you want to play too leave your answers in the comments. 

 What if there are a bunch of young muscular studs working really hard in the ware yard behind your office, do they need to be harassed?

 In my eyes anyone younger than me is fair game.  Of course I am going to bug them; it keeps them focused and they work harder to prove this lady wrong.

 What if they decided to harass you back? Do you amp up the remarks or walk away?

 Now who out there that knows me would even begin to think I would walk away from that.  Of course not, I amp it up and try to keep up with the guys, for some reason I feel like I have something to prove to the male species.

 What if  they start showing off by finding these big boards and trying to move them one person to a board, after they strip off the shirts and give you a good showing of their sweaty, young muscled bodies?

 Hell ya I am going to look!  I never walk away from a free show, especially one like that.  Don’t forget I am still making comments; I want to see just how far they will go on this fine afternoon of showing off.

 What if they get the brilliant idea that they need to break these boards to fit into the truck better just to show how strong they really are?

 Well more comments come out of my mouth and I continue to stand there enjoying the show the boy toys are putting on.  Come on ladies don’t tell me that you are not picturing all of this and drooling on your keyboards.  I was there and I still drool a little bit lol. 

 What if, in the spirit of things they dare you to try and break one of these half rotten boards?

 As soon as one of the young’un looks at me and says, “You think you’re so tough you get over here and try it!”  I am on my way to them.  There is no way in hell I am going to let them talk to me like that and not do anything about it.  I, again I am trying to keep up for some reason, step up and they pick out a pretty board for me to take a whack at.

 What if they were breaking the boards by kicking them but I want to out do the biggest guy and choose to hit it instead?

 I will tell you what happens, after the second punch to the board (it did not break with the first punch) your hand feels like it went through a meat grinder, tears well up in your eyes, you notice instant bruising but you maintain your cool in front of the boy toys.  Slowly as your hand is swelling inside your pocket you pretend your cell phone is ringing and walk away to take the important work call.

 What if you end up at the doctor the next morning because your hand won’t move and your knuckles look like they belong to a boxer?

 I humbly walk into the doctor with my hand wrapped in ice and my head hanging low just to be sent to the hospital for x-rays.  I return to the doctor to be informed that I flattened two knuckles and broke the bone going down the back of my hand from my ring finger.  I am splinted and referred to another doctor.

 What if you have to go home and face your family and boyfriend?  Do you lie or tell the truth?

 I am here to tell you that I should have thought about that before taking a pain pill and lying down on the couch for a while.  My boyfriend came in and asked me about it.  Of course I was loopy and told the truth.  He told me to make sure and not tell anyone I hit it twice it just sounds bad.  That is after he spent forever laughing at me.  He cannot understand why this 5 ft 4 woman of 135 lbs would ever try to keep up with guys that do that work for a living. 


So there you have it that is how I managed to break my hand a few weeks ago.  I went to the specialist last week and he found calcification in the last two knuckles from healing and one more spot in the back of my hand that is calcifying from the healing process that makes a total of what looked like 4 cracks.  He also informed me that I have a lot of soft tissue damage, changed me into another splint that immobilized my thumb and said come back in a month. 

 I am tough so comment away lol!!  I will say this much, next time I will make sure to get one of the rotten boards like the guys did.


19 Responses to “Not A Bright Shiny Moment”

  1. Bwahahahaha! No, but really… hahahahaha! I mean, I was going to say… hahahaha!

    Ahem… I’m really sorry about your hand. *giggle*

    • No your not,,, not with that laugh. That is ok I laugh about it to now that I don’t hurt so much and I went back and read the story. That will teach me to be more picky about the boards I hit lol. Nope I never learn

  2. BTW my dad is a nurse at the hospital I had to go to so of course everyone there knows who I am and they all now know how shiny of an afternoon I had lol….. they are still laughing about it. Not to mention everyone else that has been told about it by now

  3. hahahahahahaha!

    But what did the strapping young lads say when they saw you in a cast?

    • Thankfully they were just contracted to do some work and are gone. I do not have to explain it to them. My mom asked if workers comp covered any of it. I told her workers comp does not cover stupid lol.


    Oh, to be young and dumb again…no…wait…I’d rather be old, wise, and NOT have a broken hand.

  5. HAHAHA!!! I can just see you taking that dare, you silly woman! Sorry about the broken hand. That must hurt like shit!

    BTW, left hand or right hand? I’m guessing right hand because it’s dominant and that’s what you would hit with, right?
    Doncha hate having to do things with your left hand now?? Brushing your teeth is the worst!

    Just so you don’t feel too embarrassed: my ex once accidentally stabbed himself in the ass (don’t ask. he sharpens knives for a living) and had to go to the emergency room for stitches. The nurses tried their darndest not to laugh but finally gave up after looking at his butt, the only thing uncovered as he layed there on his stomach on the exam table! lol

    • Your right it is my right hand but lucky for me I am left handed. This is not my first shiny moment of this caliber but I could not resist sharing this time. My mom says I am the most accident prone person she knows. But then again this really was not a true accident I guess. It actually feels a lot better since it was almost a month ago but I have at least another month in the new splint. I am noticing tho that it aches a lot with the cold snap we just had. Oh well that will teach me to keep up with young studs lol.

  6. Your poor hand, are you is it healing up ok? That would be very embarrassing. You have lots of guts to do something like that, I am shy and very much a big chicken and I am also very good at doing embarrassing things without anyone’s help.

    I am doing good, I have a lot going on and will send you an email later. Hope your hand is feeling better.

  7. Goodness, just how studly were those guys? ‘Cause that’s an awful lot of stupid to go through for average studly. Couldn’t you just have taken your shirt off, too? heeheeheehee

    • Totally worth it now that I look back, stupid but worth it cuz I did not let on I was hurt. The show was great but I cannot say that I would do it again tho lol.

  8. OMG! And you seemed like such a gentle soul, too! LOL! I don’t know why you felt you needed to prove anything to them although I can certainly understand drooling over some eye candy. Maybe that is what it all came down to – you really just wanted to engage them because then you could ogle them longer without feeling awkward? But now, I guess you feel pretty awkward anyway. LOL. Okay, sorry. I am trying but can’t make this sound good for you no matter what I do. Anyway, it made for some awesome blog fodder. I think I am going to stumble this. There is a lesson here somewhere and maybe someone will figure it out. 🙂

    P.S. – Hope your hand is better soon! Hugs to you!

    • Thanks lots of love I am feeling lol. I don’t know I get it in my head that I need to keep up with the guys that are like 10+ yrs younger than me. Yes the hand is feeling lots better and actually been going with out the splint a lot more lately.

      I am still figuring out the lesson myself. I think it is pick the rotten boards only lmao!!!

  9. LOL
    That is the exact stupid thing that I would do. So A) I would tell a dumber story like I slammed the car door shut on my hand. Or B) Something brilliant like some a-hole was picking on this teen girl so I went over to straighten him out, one thing lead to another and I had to punch him. His face looks worse.
    Because if I told your truth, my family would never let me leave it down.

  10. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I am busting a gut here! This was friggin hilarious!

  11. uh and yeah I’m like birdpress..I’m sorry about your hand but ..uhhh that was too friggin funny!

  12. Just goes to show what we men so often forget–women lust too!

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