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The 2009 Mommy List

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As a mother I am accustomed to giving up things for Tooters on a daily basis.  Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining in the least, but I have recently sat down and really looked at what needs I have that are just not being met.  Which is totally my fault and I actually love the joy it brings me to give up something so that I can put a smile on Tooters face.  Even if me and my sanity suffer in the long run.


This brought me to thinking about my New Year’s resolutions.  Does anyone ever really fulfill their resolutions or just talk about them for 6 months before only to be forgotten with in weeks of the New Year?  So instead of making some ridiculous resolution list that I am going to bag in a few weeks then spend my time feeling guilty about.  I decided to make a realistic mommy list of things that I am going to do for myself throughout the year that I neglect regularly.  After reviewing my list I think all mom’s both married and single should make one. Here are the ten top things I am going to do for myself in 2009.


1.     Go bra shopping before I am down to the only one that I own that is held together by safety pins.


 Yes sadly to say I am sitting here in a bra that I am praying will make it another couple of weeks and no one thinks the funny lump under my shirt is a nipple piercing.  I already have purple and black hair and tattoo’s, I don’t need people looking at me like I am a complete freak. (Personally I hate to shop for a new bra it is a waste of precious time that I could spend on other activities.)


2.     Take an extra few minutes in the morning to actually enjoy a hot shower, and maybe even use the different settings on the showerhead.  Shut up you perverts not for that!!


I totally race through my showers and even have it down to getting in and out before a full song can play on my stereo.


3.     Let the dishes pile up in the sink for a night so that I can enjoy a hot cup of tea and read a grown up book.  Again perverts keep it in check, I am talking about my murder mystery books.


As much as I love to read Dr. Suess or Fancy Nancy to Tooters it would be nice to get back to reading the types of book I did before she was born.  At least more than one or two pages at a time, which is what I do now before Tooters demands my attention.


4.     Find time to exercise in peace without Tooters trying to imitate me and the Wonder Pup thinking it is playtime. 


Tooters loves it when I pull out my exercise DVD’s, because after giving it a 5 minute effort to keep up she just ends up laughing at me and asking why I am not doing it like the ladies on the DVD.  The Wonder Pup thinks she is helping every time I do the floor exercises by jumping on my stomach that is already sore. 


5.     Buy myself a new pair of jeans that actually fits so that I don’t look like some saggy ass stoner from behind. 


In the last year I have lost a little over 50 pounds and now none of my clothes fit properly.  They either are falling off of my body or the last 2 pairs that do some what fit are starting to fray.  I am a little afraid every time I bend down that my thighs or ass are going to come flying out.  Heck I might as well add a new shirt while I am at it.  I look like Omar the tent maker is my stylist.


6.     Buy new underwear that fit and are not full of holes. 


Again since the weight-loss I have not invested in new underwear, another waste of time for me.  However now I have the biggest granny panties you have ever seen and I need suspenders just to keep them up.  Maybe I could just hook them to my safety pins on my bra and start a new trend.  Not to mention that most have holes in them and I have to be careful where I grip them to pull them up.


7.     Grocery shop in peace.


All you mothers out there know what I am talking about so I will not elaborate on this one.


8.     Go to bed early. 


Instead of trying to pick up toys, straighten the house, or squeeze in one more load of laundry just bag it all and go to bed right after Tooter’s is asleep.  I am an insomniac but sometimes it would be nice to see what it is like to be able to be in bed for more than 5 or 6 hours in a single night even if I end up watch late night T.V.


9.     Ban Miley Cyrus from my car stereo.


Tooters and I love good loud music (is there any other kind) when we are in the car, but when I am on main street and she has her window down I tend to slump down in my seat and if I am wearing a hat pull it a little lower.  People tend to notice me before seeing my 6 year old in the back seat and I end up looking like an old freak.  You know sometimes I just need a good old fashion cuss fill grown up song to rock out to.


10. Quit smoking for good this time.


Oh hell I had to have at least one hard one in there.  I know I quit a few months ago but the holidays are so hard for me I could not take it and started up in the last month.  So I broke out the anti-strangle everyone patches and slapped one on.  I even let Tooters break my last two smokes and throw them away. 


So there you go there is my list.  I know this post was kind of long for me and I apologize but I just had to share.  I would love for some of you mommies out there to share what would be on your mommy list.  Happy New Year’s everybody I hope it is a good one!!!

Trying to look happy for a Monday!!

Trying to look happy for a Monday!!

Politically Correct or Incorrect?

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UGH Another Debate?!?!

UGH Another Debate?!?!


Remember to get out and vote!!!

I thought in honor of this historic day I would post my favorite picture of our hopefuls.

I Conquered The Mountain

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I think I am going to swallow my pride and post my dad’s favorite picture of me.  It does need a little explaining.  You see this is the day he tried to kill me, not literally.  I have been on this huge exercise kick and have lost tons of weight.  Well I kept telling the Wanderer how well I was doing, so he decided to test me this summer. 


Every summer at the end of June the Wanderer’s brother and his family come into town and we go camping and fishing for 4 or 5 days.  This is me and Tooters favorite thing to do so we look forward to it all year long.  We go up as much as possible on our own, but usually only for a night or two.  Anyways the Wanderer said he was going to put me to the test during our trip.  Of course I got cocky and said, “Bring it on old man!”


Bad thing to say, very bad thing to say.  Unknown to me he had also been gearing up for this and hiking a rigorous trail several times a week so he was ready for me.  The first day we backpacked an hour and a half uphill to a little lake for some fishing.  I was a little winded because of the altitude but I made it ahead of him, and I was so proud of myself.  Of course Tooters ran most of the way and put all of us to shame lol. 


The next day came the big one.  We got into the jeep and drove for about 45 minutes to the trailhead.  Now we were here the last week of June so it was hot in town, around 100 degrees, but I was amazed that there was some pretty big snow drifts and this was just the start of the hike.  We made it up to the top of the pass after an hour and a half of uphill walking and it was gorgeous, well it was after I caught my breath.  I am amazed at what a difference in altitude does to ones breathing and heart rate.  I thought my chest was going to explode right there at the top of the trail. 


All of a sudden I hear the Wanderer and my uncle telling us to come on that we were not done.  I turned around and OMG there was the rest of the mountain ahead of us.  I swear I could hear it laughing at me.  Well I did not want to be the wimp so we started up.  Man was it steep and rocky.  Tooters and the Wonder Pup just kept running around and playing in the snow.  I felt like a 90 year old woman that needed an oxygen tank.  I am not kidding I could not breath and my heart was still threatening to explode out of my chest like an alien.  It finally got to the point I could only walk for a couple of minutes and had to stop.  Another 2 hours of hiking and we got to the top and dammit I could not even enjoy it for the first 20 minutes because I thought for sure I was dying.  The Wanderer just laughed at me and told me to “suck it up”, his favorite saying.  I found out later that the peak is 12,500 feet, no wonder I could not breath I live at 3000 feet where there is actually some air to fill my lungs.


After resting and eating a snack it dawned on me that now I had to go back down.  Now tell me how did he expect me to hike 3 ½ hours back down the steep mountain on legs of jelly.  I told him that I found my new home and just send supplies every once in a while.  With some coaxing from Tooters and more teasing from the Wanderer I got up and started back down.  When we got to the top of the first trail I told the Wanderer come hell or high water I was taking a break.  This is when he took this picture without me knowing in my moment of weakness.  As I lay there thinking how much I despised my father at that moment and maybe this was his revenge for my teen years I fell asleep.  I still to this day think he tried to kill me and I have the picture as proof. 


Obviously I made it back down and survived but let me tell you I will never brag about how I could out do the old man again.  At least not until next summer lol.


Just bury me now!!!!

Just bury me now!!!!